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Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2012

The Wild Maps: Trouble You Invite

Prepare for a soul-cleansing excursion from Los Angeles indie-folk collective, The Wild Maps, and the release of their debut album, Trouble You Invite.

The Wild Maps consists of Anna Su, and siblings Nate Vaughan, and Rachael Vaughan. The name, The Wild Maps, was inspired by their gypsy nomadic upbringings, with roots in Thailand, Tennessee, Chicago, Washington D.C., and the list goes on.

The album features eight core-warming tracks that tell tales of accepting sorrow, truth, and affairs of the heart. It’s an eclectic collaboration of southern twang, mandolin picking, banjo strumming, and harmonica solos. It is a love letter to the musical roots of American soul. With subtle jazz influences, and dominating Americana Bluegrass concepts, the album begins with “Cicadas,” a band favorite, written by Rachel, while she and Anna were on a modest tour in Florence, Italy. It showcases a down home feel with a rumbling trombone, and pretty harmonies. “Devil,” is a personal favorite, showing off how the ensemble rivals the vocals of Pete Yorn & Scarlet Johansson, Jolie Holland, and Gillian Welch, the lyrics of Ryan Adams, and the sound of Edward Sharp.

All three artists contribute to the songwriting, which makes for an eclectic collection of songs. Rachel embraces her southern roots, while Nate and Anna are responsible for the jazz guitar and piano, in songs like “Monsters.”

It would be wise to keep an eye on this band, with upcoming domestic and international shows; they’re certainly on the rise.

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The Wild Maps: Trouble You Invite