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Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

THE SEX FILES: To Be or Not To Be Kinky…and What To Do If You Are?

Yes, school has started, football is upon us and we’re probably all taking out our fall jackets, but for those interested in a little adventuring beyond the pale, have a look below at what’s happening just in September alone for those of us kinky-minded.

1.)  It’s Folsom Time Again-The fall in San Francisco can’t truly start without the infamous Folsom Street Fair. Taking place on 9/23 (11am to 6pm), this parade/fair/outdoor spank-time is a must for leather/rubberists, men/women, gay/straight/transgender. Approximately 400,000 people fill 13 city blocks and I can tell you, having been in this city once for a gay pride parade, San Franciscans can party and they love to express their sexuality.

2.)  Too late for summer camp, you say? Not if you are attending Dark Odyssey’s get together this weekend in Northern Maryland. Parties, special events and 200 acres of camp to romp in makes this a truly special naughty event. Check out the deets here:

3.)  If one lives on either coast, specifically NYC or San Fran/L.A., one tends to forget there are plenty of naughty-minded folk all over this fine country of ours (all over the world in fact). Another event happens this weekend, this time at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Albuquerque NM. With guests Guy Baldwin, Max Rulz and others, the EvoRevo3 (Evolution Revolution #3) boasts a kinky town hall/Leather Library/gourmet food event and a 4800 foot play space:

4.)   On Sept. 28th-30th in Dallas, TX this years’ Beyond Vanilla XXII boasts ‘internationally renowned motivational speaker and pioneering adult film star’ Buck Angel. Attendees to this event’s 22nd year will find a host of national/regional and local presenters, a silent auction, films, food, all for the kink-minded.

5.) Before the Beyond Vanilla weekend, you can find Buck Angel (and quite a few others) at Southern Comfort, 2012, 9/18-23rd in Atlanta, GA:  For 5 days, one can learn and be entertained in ‘the largest transgender social, educational, and entertainment conference in the world.’ Boasting above all, southern hospitality, this seems to be another event that shouldn’t be missed.

Expecting Halloween as we all are (kinksters and vanilla folks alike) there is still a bunch of things to find in this month for those of us looking for something slightly left-of-center. Get on out there and explore.

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THE SEX FILES: To Be or Not To Be Kinky…and What To Do If You Are?