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Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2012

Anna Luca: Listen and Wait

Anna Luca
Listen And Wait
(ChinChin Records)

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From the moment the keys begin on the track “Beautiful Dawn,” the subtlety of sound can cause one to take a breathy pause. Anna Luca begins to sing with a delightful rare delicacy of voice that adds to the nice mix of electric and acoustic song elements and instrumentation styled as nu jazz, a layering of electronica, lounge, bossa nova and swing, to name a few elements. The bass movements on the track “Beautiful Dawn” are mysteriously intoxicating and expectant. No doubt both words describe this time for Luca now, at the release of her new solo project. Acoustic guitar runs like rich abundant rolling hills on “Your Girl” as she sings, “I’m gonna be the hurricane that runs through your veins,” while the song moves into a romantic, reminiscent score of piano and the pitter patter heartbeat pomp of drum. The organic makeup of Anna Luca is rare in these times with such elegant lyrics, a woeful dreamy wonderment and a voice like few others. Sexy, sensual expressions and a band where the musical composition is genuinely masterful peppered with heady rhythm throughout. Luca is Swedish-German and is known previously for her work with the Nu Jazz group, Cas Des Belugas.

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Anna Luca: Listen and Wait