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Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2012

FILM: In Their Skin

Perfect White Family might be a more appropriate title for director Jeremy Regimbal’s new thriller In Their Skin because the story of obsession and violence takes the idea of identity theft one step beyond films like Single White Female and broadens the scope onto the whole family.  The film stars Selma Blair, Joshua Close, and Quinn Lord as the seemingly perfect family, which of course is terribly imperfect and James D’Arcy, Rachel Miner, and Alex Ferris as the psychopathic family of death who want to become perfect.

So spoiler alert, there’s some killing, some nudity, some sex, and some dramatic, awkward pauses as the stage is set, but when it finally all goes down, the film resembles a one-act play with all of its major moments happening in the house and the players coming clean about what they really are.  The real issue with the film is that it takes half the movie to set up the action and when it goes down it ends up being anticlimactic, which might say something about modern audiences because it does get pretty hairy but after 45 minutes, there is little you could do to these characters to make it worthwhile.  The film is beautifully shot but lacks in the editing department with certain scenes dragging and others just causing confusion. But on a positive note, Mr.Skin will at least enjoy one of the scenes.

In Their Skin is now in select theaters.

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FILM: In Their Skin