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Published On: Tue, Nov 20th, 2012

We Talk with LMFAO’s DJ Dainjazone

DJ Dainjazone has learned that it pays to be ready at the drop of a “beat.” When LMFAO’s DJ Air took a hiatus from the Party Rock Tour due to a leg injury, Dainjazone stepped up to the plate to take over as Tour DJ. While LMFAO has since split up, Dainjazone continues party- rockin’ all over the United States, Europe, and Asia with LMFAO’s Red Foo and the Party Rock Crew. In this Short and Sweet NYC exclusive, Dainjazone gives us the lowdown on the beginnings of his career, life on the road, and how he keeps it all together.

So when did your career as a DJ begin? How did you get started?

Well, I’m from LA but went to college at New Mexico State University. There was this big house party but no DJ, and being from LA, it’s not a party without a DJ. So I invested in a CD mixer and just played a bunch of hip hop songs that I liked and my friends liked. I kept doing house parties after that and then got a weekly gig at a local bar. It all kind of took off from there.

Have you developed a DJing philosophy over the years? How would you describe your style?

I don’t see my DJing as limited to one style. My approach can be described as creating and maintaining multiple styles and viewing DJing as an art form, which for me is something original that you can’t explain, that you feel as you go.

Are you inspired by other DJs?

I love DJ Five from Vegas, DJ Scene, DJ Spryte. I love watching these guys. I get ideas from them. They inspire me. I get most inspired by people who do what they love to do and put out a passion. I love watching Travis Barker hit the drums. I don’t play the drums and I have no desire to, but just seeing his passion is inspiring, empowering.

Life on the road can be pretty intense, especially with international touring. How do you stay centered?

Eating right, I don’t drink (alcohol), and staying hydrated. You want to be as healthy as you can so you don’t get sick. I cash in early after shows, make sure to get enough sleep. I also take time to meditate, get in my own world and reflect, make sure I’m on the same page with myself. Everything is so fast-paced.

What do you like to do when you’re not DJing? When you have a bit of downtime?

I like to read empowering books like Knowledge of Self. Somehow it all translates into my approach as a DJ or definitely as a business-man, in maintaining my integrity and business ethics. Right now, I’m reading a book about the subconscious mind, and it’s all about how important it is to feed your subconscious positive things. I also finished Steve Stout’s book a little while ago, The Tanning of America, which is a history of marketing and how Hip-Hop influenced the game. I also love reading fashion magazines, that’s another source of inspiration.

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

I want to continue to grow as a DJ and travel the world performing. I’m also with a modeling agency now, so once things slow down with touring, I’ll be working on that as well. At the end of the day, it’s all about being prepared and ready to go with whatever fate has in store for me.

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We Talk with LMFAO’s DJ Dainjazone