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Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2012

The Honest Company Introduces New Lip Balm Trio

Jessica Alba may seem to be spending her time starring in films, gracing the covers of fashion magazines, and posing on the red carpet, but if that’s all you thought she did on top of raising two children, you’d better guess again. Ms. Alba, it turns out, is also an activist.

Ms. Alba founded The Honest Company along with Christopher Gavigan, who arguably possesses comparable stats, having served as CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, and writing a best-seller of the same title.

Ms. Alba and Mr. Gavigan are a dream team bringing exactly that – a dream – founded in principles that “even the smallest decisions can have big impacts.” Here, the decisions regard health and safety of children in the form of products that are “unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable.”

Though The Honest Company offers an incredibly wide range of products falling in the categories of babycare, bath and body, and cleaning supplies, this review is limited to a trio of organic lip balms. Why three? Clearly in line with the mission, the purely simple, lavender mint, and sweet orange vanilla options are packaged with the whole family in mind.

Comprised of organic, natural ingredients including aloe, jojoba, olive, coconut and other oils, these balms are, per the company’s title, true to their designated scents. And, while I might not recommend this trio to anyone who cannot appreciate a bit of an earthy or hippy taste, I would certainly recommend it to all who seek moist, smooth lips, and also happen to appreciate a product that directly contributes to making the world a better, healthier place, one movie star-driven product at a time.

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The Honest Company Introduces New Lip Balm Trio