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Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2012


THE SEX FILES: “ in Sssh.comIn my usual perusal of websites dealing with sex and sexuality, I stumbled across Angie Rowntree’s Started in the year Prince was going to party, 1999, Angie wanted to present a website exclusive to women’s erotic needs, needs that are quite different than what a man comes to want; back in those dim and dark days there was indeed almost no premium adult site produced by women for women.

I had a quick sit down with Angie over what Sssh is all about.

First and foremost, how is different than any other ’sex’ site…if it is at all.

We present a very different style of production and presentation then the traditional sex site, many of which are geared for men’s tastes. Our content usually has a bit of a story line, some motivation for the performers engaging each other in sensuality and sexuality and, perhaps most importantly to many of our members, all published in a full-featured way similar to women’s entertainment magazines. One consistent bit of member feedback we get for the question of why they like is that “It’s sexy, doesn’t feel dirty.”

What will one find on the site, exactly? offers a large library of both originally produced and award winning affiliate movies and videos, a large photo archive of both hot guys as well as couples in steamy sex scenes, hundreds of novels and stories in eBook and audiobook format, in-depth written and video tutorials on romance and sex improvement techniques, sexual health and beauty columns, an active member discussion community and even an online TV show! 

How much does it cost to join and what does one get for their money? is a monthly subscription of $19.95 which includes unlimited access to the entire member area with frequently added new movies, photo galleries and other compelling and timely content. Compared to old media where that same amount would buy two women’s magazines and one bargain bin DVD, we feel it’s quite a value, considering the depth and scale of our offerings

Would men find Sssh interesting as well?

Although men are not our target audience, we occasionally have men join the site as part of a “couples experience” with their wife or girlfriend.  One section that appeals to them is our “Sssh For Guys” section where our staff sexologists give solid and practical advice for them to enhance their relationship and sex skills.  The guys also seem to enjoy a lot of our “smart and sexy” feature films that are of a higher production value than most of what they can find wandering around the sites for men on the internet.

Playing devil’s advocate for a sec, what do you say to the idea that the more we continue to explore and illustrate the differences between male and female sexuality, the deeper the divide grows?

I see where you are going with this, but I totally disagree. What we’ve seen over the past 12 years in publishing this site, is that the more open the flow of information about what males and females think, feel, want and need in relationships, the more it strips away the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” mysteries that have kept both sexes in a constant state of confusion since the days of the cavemen! Even if either sex with this new knowledge, disagree with the other, or simply think they are being silly, at least there is some context for understanding that tends to improve communication and the dynamics between the two sexes.

What are your plans for the future? 

What we are now seeing is a blurring of the lines between mainstream media and adult entertainment (for women, at least) that has given us the opportunity just in the past year to be featured on ABC Nightline, in Time Magazine, Satellite Radio talk shows, Cosmo Magazine, and dozens of other American and International news and media outlets.  With this in mind, our current focus on new development is a further expanding of our content offerings which fit this new acceptability of adult content. SsshTV is our current hot project which includes “The View” style round table discussions about sexuality, documentaries on interesting people and events, and a host of other “specials” that look a lot more like HBO Original Series than online adult entertainment websites.

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