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Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2013

Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show

lindseyLindsey Buckingham
One Man Show
(Buckingham Records)

“Cast Away Dreams” from his fourth studio album, Under the Skin, opens Lindsey Buckingham’s new live solo album, One Man Show. “Bleed to Love Her,” one of those tunes that sees Fleetwood Mac’s guitar player/vocalist/songwriter/producer using his fantastic finger-picking technique (and odd vocal warble) follows. There’s more (and better) finger picking and a nice Lindsey vocal on “Not Too Late,” probably the best of these opening tunes here. But really, the man’s working up to expert finger picking on the instrumental song, “Stephanie.”

We’re into echoey electric and sexy vocals on “Come,” the first of the Fleetwood Mac tunes here and the first to feature some double-track rhythm so Lindsey can get in some live lead playing. There’s a super cool, dramatic, slower take on Lindsey’s second solo album’s title track “Go Insane” and perfect echoey finger picking on “Never Going Back Again.” But we’re soon back to the complete crazy kinetic finger picking and those famous, slightly orgasmic ooh’s and ah’s of the usual Lindsey live solo Fleetwood Mac concert staple, “Looking Out For Love.” Again, we get some leading over a live looped rhythm guitar on “So Afraid” (not the best tune here) and a distorted, over-driven (with both looped rhythm and vocal backing) take on the infamous “Go Your Own Way.”

For me, it’s Lindsey’s quiet take on “Trouble,” from his first solo album, and the title track from his last album, Seeds We Sow, that make this night recorded in Des Moines, IA not so very long ago, super special.

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Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show