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Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2013

THE SEX FILES: Oh, Those Pornographers

GuccioneAnd you say nothin’ happens in Jersey?

Mr. Jeremy Frommer, a former bank managing director happened to grab up a bunch of storage spaces located in Englewood, NJ and lo and behold he found a cache of items belonging to Bob Guccione, Penthouse founder and tycoon.

Among the items were unpublished nudes of Madonna (hate to admit it though I will, I recall driving into NYC to find and buy a copy of that Penthouse mag where those ‘other’ nudes of Ms. Madge were published) and Lauren Hutton, plus stuff from Guccione’s Unabomber reporting (his was one of the publications involved in the publishing of the Unabomer ‘manifesto’ back in the mid 90’s). Also found were 63 oil paintings painted by Guccione himself (the man had studied and ‘showed’ in his lifetime and was a well regarded painter).

There’s were lots of records too, stuff like Guccione’s details over his publishing of the nudes of a when-he-published them Miss America Vanessa Williams (rather tame pretty black and whites for those who have see them), countless shots of Penthouse Pets (and amateurs), a young Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly engaged in what appears to be ‘a sex act’, plans for a never realized Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino, journals, a camera, jewelry and bound appointment books, home movies and lots of proposed mock-ups of never published broadsides against Playboy’s Hugh Hefner.

In consistent competition, the second it was published in the U.K. in 1965 then here in 1969,  Guccione’s Penthouse was the arch rival (or at least he made it so) with Playboy. Dead in 2010,  born in Brooklyn, Guccione, Hefner and Larry Flynt of Hustler were considered the big 3 in ‘adult’ men’s magazines for a very long time (though in my humble opinion these 3 mags couldn’t be different to one another).

Which brings me to…

Just last week CNBC listed “Porn’s Most Powerful Players” and though there are some familiar names making the list (Flynt’s among them) the state of our current digital landscape is greatly reflected in who tops here.

CNBC indicates that CCBill, seemingly the biggest porn processor online with $1 billion transactions a year, is among the major players, as is’s Peter Acworth, Flynt as I mentioned and even gossip blogger Mike South (I guess I just slipped by not making the list this year, huh?). As you will note, Kink, CCBill and Mr. South do their work on or with the aid of the net.

State of porn these days…discuss among yourselves.

And this last bit of news I think marries our techno world perfect with porn and shows where there is a way the will certainly ‘wills-out’.

Have you seen the new Twitter Vine app? Launched last week it allows the tweeting of short video across twitter (a new site called Vinepeek even popped-up where you can watch streams of Vines from around the globe.) But as it always does, porn snuck in to all this wonderful world-wide communicating.

Twitter is not removing this content, only warning about it. But seeing as the Vine app is sold in Apple’s App Store and Apple has had a long policy of limiting apps with any link to pornography as of last week Apple pulled the app because of nudity. As Apple’s Tom Neunayr stated:

“The app was removed from the App Store for featuring pornographic images and material, a clear violation of our guidelines.”

This despite the fact that Vine has been one of the top apps in the App Store since it was released last week, receiving Apple’s Editor’s Choice award.

What’s a new app to do?

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THE SEX FILES: Oh, Those Pornographers