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Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013

THE SEX FILES: 2013 Cinekink

thumbSo the 2013 Cinekink Screenings are happening starting this week (it’s the festivals’ 10th anniversary in fact!) Below I have laid out the schedule running pretty much today through the weekend. I’ve added comments on the films I know about (or have done a little research on) but urge you to get out for these showings as Cinekink is one of the most prestigious and infamous erotic film festivals held in our great big juicy apple and one worth going to.

Thursday night sees a showing of Bettie Page Reveals All. You might recall my talk with the director of this documentary Mark Mori, award winning NYC filmmaker (see here). I know for a fact this one is going to be great, it’s on at 6:30pm. Then at 9pm the same night there are 5 films under the “Strange Live Acts” title: The Inflated Man, Desperate Housewife, Strange Live Acts, Kinbaku and Deconstructed Beauty.

Friday offers Sexing The Transman at 6:30pm, and then under the “Hooking Up” title at 8:30pm, you can let your libido go with Looking for Mr. Coffee, Freud Slips, One Nightstand, Pinecone, Certified Organic, Peter and the Wolf, Mouthful, Jose, Zucht und Ordnung. Then at 10:30pm enjoy Skinja, Alice’s Adventures in Fetishland, Bruised, a documentary on a contest that takes place in many major cities and is a film seeing its New York Premier Mr. International Rubber Playspace, and Daredoll Dilemma, Plastic Love, Miss Alyx and the Rubber Sluts.

NYC’s own Tristan Taormino presents and narrates live The Feminist Porn Show 1pm on Saturday, and hour later there will be a book signing and reception then The Feminist Porn Panel. At 4:30pm under the “Bring It!” banner, 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan, Billy Castro’s Naughty Squirters, Hot Peppers, Joy Club Courtney Trouble’s Indie Porn Revolution and the infamous 1975’a Born To Raise Hell Directed by Roger Earl and Tessy Lebrand, “The classic standard by which all gay S/M films are measured: whipping, pissing, beating, shaving, bondage, groveling and abuse.”

Oh my…

At 7:15pm, films under the “Release” banner commence. They are, Rift, Taken, Jumpcut, Flare, A Brief Portrait of Gregory at Age 30, Krutch, Getting Off, Elenore Makes Love, Amber, Ritual and the closing night tribute is a 9:30pm showing of a newly restored The Opening of Misty Beethoven.

Sunday sees the award celebration begin at 3pm (no location picked at the time of this writing but check the festival’s website for details) then the “AfterGlow!!” series of films and wrap-party at 9pm (at another secret location).

The location for the films is the Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Ave (@ 2nd Street). All details here:

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THE SEX FILES: 2013 Cinekink