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Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2013

THE SEX FILES: All About The Meat (The Garcias)

All About MEATTruly inspired, multi-part performances, high gay camp, performed at a blistering pace all down at the super neato space of the DMAC-DUO Multicultural Arts Ceneter on E 4thĀ Street in Manhattan, this is what the play All About Meat (The Garcias) gives you. A show as much about male escorts as it is at times a sardonic statement about the place of immigrants in these United States. I just love when I can hit something for The Sex Files that has a little spice to its meat (pardon the pun).

Let me acknowledge the cast first and foremost as each person here is working his or her asses off.

Thereā€™s Mario Bosquez in a drag roll tour de force for the ages; Cat Lippencott, performing more roles in this 90-min then should be humanly possible; Lourdes Simon, Facundo Rodriguez, Antonio Minino, and Mark Moore all buzz in and out to keep the action at a wacky feverā€™s edge as Michelangelo Alasa, the writer/director heads up all the fun andĀ fictitiousĀ action in the Garcia family.

Iā€™m not sure I can even describe to you whatā€™s actually happening at any one time as we open with a Ā funeral, then meander round a T.V. show, then to the freewheeling interaction of ā€˜the familyā€™ and the slow reveal of the business they are all into. Alasa’sĀ story certainly centers around one concept (a Jersey chorizo/escort business) but we get quite a few moments of complete abject naughtiness, quite a good look at Facundoā€™s body (as we should, the guy is in killer shape) and the night I attended some very funny breaking-the-4th-wall moments from Alasa’ himself (some of the best moments for me personally).

As I have opined previously in other SEX FILES itā€™s not so often I get to see some good solid sexy stuff on stage and AAM certainly delivers in that area. And though granted, this is not everyoneā€™s cup of tea (actually I think this play is going to work best for a decidedly specific audience) All About Meat (The Garcias) has returned to the DMAC-DUO for another run after its very successful one a few months ago. There is also a much more dramatic piece, written by Alasa too, that runs on Friday nights, for free, called Confessions of a Cuban Sex Addict.

You can get tickets here: For more info visitĀ

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THE SEX FILES: All About The Meat (The Garcias)