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Published On: Mon, May 6th, 2013

Hot Right Meow: Quirky Cat Graphics

Hot Right MeowEven if you haven’t jumped on the animal graphic bandwagon and aren’t actively on the prowl for new takes on the trend, it’s hard to ignore the whimsical cat faces that have been popping up on the racks of almost every store and online retailer right now. While the effect is mostly ironic (I mean, it’s hard to get away with being seriously stoked about a giant cat face on your chest), we can’t deny that we’re pretty intrigued by these fancy feline pieces. From catty skater dresses to feline-emblazoned bomber jackets (worn by Rihana!), these cat-tastic wardrobe additions definitely toe the line between quirky and just plain weird. Whether you’re a cat lover or just an adventurous style maven, let us know – would you welcome a giant cat face into your spring or summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments and browse some of our favorites in the links below!

Pictured above: Topshop Cat Graphic Skater Dress, Y.R.U. Cat Loafer, MadeMe MA1 Cat Bomber Jacket, Forever 21 Cat Muscle Tee, and Reverse Skater Dress with Cat Face.

- Alexandra Gambardella

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Hot Right Meow: Quirky Cat Graphics