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Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2013

Melvins: Everybody Loves Sausages

Everybody Loves Sausages
(Ipecac Recordings)

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Being a fan of The Melvins has always been exciting because they seem to live by that old adage; Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. They’ve done such unexpected things as: become Jello Biafra’s backing band, let each member release a solo album a la KISS, absorb Big Business into their band like a heavy metal amoeba, and record and tour as The Melvins Lite with Trevor Dunn on upright bass. So it’s no surprise that they decided to finally do a proper covers album and, always being big ones for collaborations, they invited a bunch of guests along.

Take a look at the liner notes. Everything that seems like it would be great assuredly is. A cover of “Warhead” by Venom featuring Scott Kelly from Neurosis? Yep. Mark Arm joining the boys for a run through of The Scientists’ “Set It On Fire?” I know, right? But it’s the less obvious stuff that really makes the album worthwhile. Freaky film fans will be happy to hear Divine’s title theme to the trash-classic Female Trouble as performed by The Melvins Lite line-up. Then there’s a Jelvins reunion for “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” by Roxy Music that has to be heard to be believed. Buzz goes from playing an eerie stylophone to punishing guitars and Jello’s Brian Ferry impression, which is hilarious. If for nothing else, track down a copy of this album for the outstanding cover of David Bowie’s “Station to Station.” The Melvins do not skimp. In fact, it’s longer than the original, plus it features lead vocals by J.G. Thirlwell. It’s exactly as awesome as you are imagining.

Sure Everybody Loves Sausages is weird, but Melvins fans have come to expect that. If it’s not entirely cohesive, it makes up for it by being completely fascinating. Picture The Melvins doing an earnest cover of Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend.” Kinda goofy, huh? But here it just sort of makes sense.

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Melvins: Everybody Loves Sausages