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Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2013

My Way: An Autobiography by Paul Anka

Paul Anka - My Way: An AutobiographyMy Way: An Autobiography
By Paul Anka
(St. Martin’s Press)

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So what do you think you know about Paul Anka? Well anything and everything you don’t, want to, need to know about this superstar is revealed in Mr. Anka’s new autobiography My Way: An Autobiography. From his childhood and early singing in Canada; his songwriting and performing in first California then in New York, where he finally started to make it; his touring with Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and other rock n roll legends, then slipping into Vegas performing and club dates still in his teens; moving on up and out across the ocean to make a huge mark, money and name for himself in Italy and beyond; meeting the Beatles even before they hit American shores and knowing a change was coming he would have to be ready for and an immense treasure trove of Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas historical insights, this book, written with David Dalton is one great read.

What’s apparent from the very beginning here is just the matter-of-fact guy Anka is. Hard working, talented, savvy, but what comes across mostly is he’s just a man doing what he loves, felt born to do, while remaining down to earth. His story of finally writing a song for Frank Sinatra (the iconic “My Way”) meeting, working around and generally handling himself well with the mob in Las Vegas, His love for his agents and managers, not to mention his family through Anka’s own words, he just deals with things with what seems a good nature and smarts. My Way is a truly fast, fun, insightful read.

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My Way: An Autobiography by Paul Anka