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Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Megadeth: Super Collider

megadeth 2Megadeth
Super Collider

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I’ve been a huge fan of Megadeth my entire life, but even I thought their last album, TH1RT3EN, with the exception of “Sudden Death,” was a fat, snore-fest of B-side-quality tunes. Sadly, that trend continues for the most part on their new release, Super Collider. The mid-tempo, radio-friendly material is out in full force. That was fine years ago with the release of the excellent Youthanasia, but Super Collider has more in common with the scorn of Megadeth’s catalog, Risk.

This isn’t to say the entire album is horrible, but it feels very uninspired, like someone going through the motions. I imagine it’s harder to find the passion for writing fast, heavy music as you get older. How many of us are the same person we were twenty years ago? But this album at times comes across as someone imitating Dave Mustaine and not doing the greatest of jobs. Music should stir up emotions, not boredom—which I find amazing considering the high level of musicianship within the band.

However, the album isn’t without its brief moments of thrash metal goodness. In my opinion, “Dance In the Rain,” is the album’s best track. The verses sound like something straight out of Countdown To Extinction. The last minute or so of the song kicks into a Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying-type of riff, speeding up nicely. Longtime fans might be put off though by the presence of Disturbed frontman David Draiman on this track. In Megadeth’s defense, they made him sound more metal than he ever has. Otherwise, don’t hit the record button again until you have something amazing to unleash on us, Mustaine.

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Megadeth: Super Collider