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Published On: Sat, Jul 13th, 2013

Eisley: Currents

(Equal Vision Records)

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Eisley’s last full-length album, 2011’s The Valley, juxtaposed the band’s melodic style with tales of personal heartbreak. For a follow-up, they have gone whimsical and atmospheric. The contrast is surprising, but reassuring, like these siblings (and a cousin) have learned to rebuild a world of their own and believe in fairytales again.

As the title of the record suggests, many of the songs involve elements of water. “Currents” features hypnotic riffs that sound as though they could have been created underwater, and the piano-driven “Blue Fish” uses the metaphor of being baited for seduction. “Drink the Water” seems to be from the perspective of a siren, charming a boy and stealing him out to sea.

There’s comfort to be had in this dream world of the band’s creation. As the track “Real World” suggests, “I won’t stand a chance in the real world.” “Wicked Child” invokes the lore of Poseidon to describe the feeling of being tempted and then left behind. This track in particular sticks out since it features Merriment, a band comprised of Christie and Collin DuPree, who are siblings/cousins to Eisley.

Overall, Currents evokes a sense of being lost, but wanting to wander along the path of imagination for a while. It’s a beautiful, haunting indulgence and the right move for a talented band.

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Eisley: Currents