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Published On: Thu, Jul 18th, 2013

Bob Marley: Legend Remixed

bob marleyBob Marley
Legend Remixed
(Island Def Jam Music Group)

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Bob Marley’s music might have only increased in popularity and influence since his untimely death in 1981, but a new album of remixes walks a precarious rope in trying to extend his reach to a new generation on the dance floor.  Thankfully the album, Legend Remixed, which takes on his classic Legend greatest hits collection, manages to merge some of the Marley classics and the world of EDM with some success, thanks to innovative mixes from artists such as Jim James, RAC, and Marley’s sons, Ziggy and Stephen. The album opens with one of the best tracks, Jim James’ remix of the classic “Waiting In Vain.”  The remix works so well because it stays true to the spirit of the song, but brings something new to it with different musical accents and unexpected timing.  A series of successful remixes follow such as  Ziggy Marley’s take on “Stir it Up” along with Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley’s remix of “Three Little Birds,” both of which don’t stray too far from the original, bring a fresh feeling by adding new elements, such as more modern, electronic drum beats. Some of the other highlights of the album are Jason Bentley’s Latin loungey remix of “Is This Love” and RAC’s remix of “Could You Be Loved,” with bright guitar riffs and drums up front.  Not all of the tracks work so successfully, including Photek’s sour version of the famously upbeat “One Love,”  but its understandable in trying to represent a diversity of EDM styles.

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Bob Marley: Legend Remixed