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Published On: Sat, Jul 27th, 2013

Michael Jackson: The Complete Remix Suite

mjMichael Jackson
The Complete Remix Suite

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Michael Jackson: The Complete Remix Suite is an eclectic homage to the late great King of Pop and the Jackson 5. It serves up some of their notoriously famous tracks at the hands of some of the most prominent of DJs and producers. If one were captivated by the original “Dancing Machine,” Steve Aoki turns it into an even steelier futuristic jam that is brightly energetic and rhythmically orchestral. The song tweaks and pops like a moving train. However when Polow attempts the feat “Dancing Machine,” it feels more like a fight anthem with its lower end bass beats. “I Want You Back,” remixed by Dimitri from Paris is purely an unapologetic wistful ode to yesteryear as it unfolds with symphony and that luscious windy guitar riff. The backing vocals on “Forever Came Today” are almost a 60′s soul power chant, while disco rhythms inundate the rest of Frankie Knuckles’ remix. The fuzzed-out funk of “Maria,” remixed by Emile Haynie, is moody and borderline psychedelic. From Morales Giamsta’s dance crazed, “Hum Along and Dance,” to Salaam Remi’s crazy reggae-infused “ABC,” to The Neptunes’ take on “Never Can Say Goodbye,” or the sublime “Darling Dear” that folds out like a trance dream by MURO, Michael Jackson: The Complete Remix Suite feels like a passion project. Classic hits that have transcended time and space shine in a new and different light.

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Michael Jackson: The Complete Remix Suite