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Published On: Thu, Aug 1st, 2013

THE SEX FILES: Adult Store Shenanigans from Around the Globe

THE SEX FILES: Adult Store Shenanigans from Around the Globe

By now most of us know the term ‘brick and mortar’, used to describe actual building locations. In this day and age we see less and less actual B&M places with many businesses (certainly with adult stores that I’m writing about here today) taking a net only approach to selling; who needs the expense of rent, the worry over paying utility bills, the constant push to increase customer traffic when one might be able to sell dildos, panties and DVD’s easier and with no store overhead?

But there are plenty of adult stores still ‘out there’ and even more opening up every day (I mentioned a new one I visited during my time away only a mere two months ago, The Lion’s Den in Las Vegas, see here. I thought this week I’d hip you to what’s happening at a few locations far and wide.

La Jugueteria (The Toys) in Spain is sporting new hot hot summer hours 11 to 10 M- Sat. This shop is the first ‘erotic boutique’ of Spain and features two stores, one in Madrid and one in Donostia. They have a wide range of products handmade by their artisans, quite a few limited editions. They carry adult toys, erotic cosmetics, lingerie and DVD.

Adult stores are not without their crime, a ‘brick and mortar’ constant worry. Here are two instances of crime, albeit quite different then one another, that occurred in two different U.S. adult toy store locations:

In Libertyville, Ill. a young couple Michael Cegers and Jessica Hurley Smith, were shopping at Lover’s Lane. The only problem was the Wisconsin residents left their infant-9 month old-in their car for 20 minutes while they did so, in the middle of summer! Of course Cegers and Smith simply claimed that they left the baby in the car because (yes, say it with me, you know what their reply just had to have been) no one under age 18 is allowed inside the store. I swear I can’t make-up stuff this good!

And…Arthur Ray Brown allegedly shoplifted a mannequin from the Lovers store in Auburn, W.A. then came back later to steal some toys and lingerie (for the mannequin, you ask?)

“Every once in a while we get people who come in and they kind of ask questions about the mannequin,” Martin Walker, Lover’s manager said. “But it’s pretty strange that someone would go through that much trouble just to get their hands on one.”
Wearing the wig he had taken from the mannequin, Brown allegedly came back and smashed in the store’s front window and stole toys and lingerie for his second grab. Of course it wasn’t so hard for the local police to find Brown, riding his bike not far from the break-in, trailing sex toys behind him. Lover’s mannequins sell for around $600 and Brown is being held on $15,000 bail.

But luckily its mainly good times happening at these stores and here are two such events coming up:

Kristen Tribby, LA’s Pleasure Chest’s Director of Creative Development says of the store’s upcoming Gloryhole 2013 celebration of four decades in business: “Over the years, we’ve been privileged to learn about people’s experiences and desires, and to help them fulfill their fantasies. At Gloryhole 2013, we want to celebrate the diversity of this community, by including the whole wild, weird and wonderful spectrum of human sexuality.”

The Pleasure Chest will celebrate its 42nd anniversary on Thursday, Sept. 26. The gala event which takes place at the company’s well known West Hollywood store, is in it’s 3rd year running and described as a “peek behind the red curtain, giving guests a chance to mix and mingle with the sexual glitterati. Equal parts tease and sleaze, Gloryhole will let the curious see what goes on after hours at one of Los Angeles’ most storied locations.”

I’d say get yourself there if you are able.

And lastly, in another celebration from a company as equally well known on the net as off it, Adam & Eve announced the grand opening of its 50th retail store franchise. in San Antonio, Texas, on Aug 3.

The new San Antonio boutique carries A&E’s array of the usual wide variety of lingerie, accessories, pleasure products, games, DVDs and videos for women and couples. Francisco Figueroa (can you note a better name for an adult store operator?) claims his store presents a “positive shopping experience and an incredible selection of romance-enhancing products.”

So that’s what’s happening in the brick ad motar kiddies. Get out and have some fun shopping in the fresh air for a change.

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THE SEX FILES: Adult Store Shenanigans from Around the Globe