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Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2013

Chrisette Michele: Better

chrisetteChrisette Michele
(Motown Records)

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It’s so disappointing to know that sometimes good artists go under the radar. Music has turned into a production of “smoke and mirrors” and if you don’t fit into pop culture’s typical sound, it’s hard to stay current. Chrisette Michele, the jazz gem of our current generation, flies under the radar. A self-professed “hipster,” this album is a jambalaya of rich sounds and great production. I assumed it would be the “the usual,” with a rich R&B and jazz fusion of ballads and mid-tempo records. I pay attention to artists, especially their evolutions. Chrisette, from first glance, is finally or should I rephrase totally, in her skin.

“Ten Foot Stilettos” is the best 2013 “breakup” song. One of the first tracks to grab me though was “Snow,” as the words and melody work cohesively and it warms my soul. There’s nothing better than pure emotion. First single “Charades” is catchy, current and unexpected and I love it! The element of surprise is clever. “I’m Still Fly,” an ode to women about going out and looking good, hitting the club for you, and that having a man or relationship shouldn’t validate you. “Love In the Afternoon” a sexy tune, which would give anyone ideas (blushing).

“Let Me Win” is one of my faves! Melodically, it’s draws you in. I also appreciate how it’s a woman pursuing love and taking it into her own hands; women can be forward and sexy simultaneously. “Visual love,” “Get Through the Night,” and “Can the Cool Be Loved” are all vibe- and mood-based.

Chrisette has mastered making a cohesive album, which happens so rarely now in music. I believe Chrisette may be the “silent solider” of music, someone diligently fighting to contain the musicality and integrity of music. She’s quietly being overlooked. In a world of carbon copies, she stands out and sometimes that can work against you. I delighted in listening to this hipster spin on jazz, R&B and soul. Chrisette Michele is true to her art form and style, while always evolving and adding new and interesting elements.

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Chrisette Michele: Better