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Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

THE SEX FILES: Tara Christine Entyece-s You plus Win Product!

Entyece niptyes-sextDenver-based was birthed in 2008 when MBA graduate Tara Christine twisted what were usually seen as male accessories into what she calls “girly sugar-coated jewelry confections.” Beginning with a simple necktie from a Halloween costume, Tara created baubles (actual bowties for various body parts as well as bowtie-shaped jewelry, ‘ticklers’ and gift sets) for women. Just five years later and are presently sold from large chains to small independent shops across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Australia.

The Entyece line is an ‘intimate’ jewelry, accessories and gifts collection Tara created as part of her parent company, but soon launched on its own. These products include earrings, chokers, neckties, slave bracelets, leg garters, body chains, nipple rings and clitoral “caressers.” The styles of Entyece range from ultra-feminine lace to fetish-inspired lamé to playful marabou. Delicately rendered yet sturdy pieces (the nipple rings have tight silver bowties lying under a sure-to-be-secure split circle clip, the garter is about the prettiest one I have yet seen) as with all of Tara’s pieces her Entyece items are hand-made in the USA. Here I had the opportunity to speak to Tara. Also, scroll down to the bottom and submit to be a lucky winner of a Bottle Service Bowtie Entyece Necklace!

Is there a fine line between toy and jewelry with the Entyece items?

I think there is a fine line that lies in the result. Toys aim to physically please whereas intimate jewelry aims to enhance and augment pleasure.

Entyece was part of initially, but you have now launched it separately. Can you explain why?

As the concept continued to mature, it became apparent that there were very distinct customer segments. I was losing support from the mainstream audience because I introduced intimate products, had products in Penthouse Magazine, did a photoshoot with a XXX starlet. On the other hand, the adult audience thought it was too “Claires.” So if I wanted to cater to both, I had to separate them.

Do you think the current cultural climate is especially welcoming to something like Entyece as we all seem to be rightly fixated these days on ‘adorning’ ourselves with ever more imaginative piercings and tattooing, etc.?

I do see tattoos and piercings become more and more socially acceptable even in the workplace and while we do have a lot of interest surrounding our intimate products, it’s more curiosity and the desire for something new. On the other hand we are still talking about Miley Cyrus twerking. Some markets in our culture will be receptive while others might not be.

You’ve worked with Wounded Warrior Project, VH1 Save the Music, Giveback to Hollywood, etc. Though it might seem an odd fit to some, adult products seem to work well with charities.

As a small company starting out, I felt that it was really important to make an alliance with charities. Not only are you giving your energy to a good cause, you are also making people aware of your products. So I felt it was a win-win situation. I was lucky enough to sponsor in a Wounded Warrior Project at the Playboy Mansion in 2009. I met several wounded warriors from the charity and donated products (bowtyes) for models to wear around the event; Playboy is known for the signature bowtie, I felt that what I was designing made sense for the event. Both VH1 Save the Music and Giveback to Hollywood were events that supported music education, something I really identified with; music is what I get most of my design inspiration from. I think intimate/adult products can work well with humanitarian efforts based on the platform of the charity.

What other intimate jewelry are you looking to make?

At the moment I’m happy with our intimate jewelry selection, but when I do decide to augment the intimate section I would like to play with nipple tweezers and whips.

Do you ever have a passing interest to create a men’s line?

I do get this request often but I don’t really have an interest in creating a men’s line yet. I have done a few, but my passion lies in creating feminine pieces.

What’s coming up for the company in the immediate future? Hitting any conventions, premiering the line any place new for the end of the year or beginning of next?

Yes, I’m leaving for the International Lingerie Tradeshow next week to make the official Entyece launch. But starting in 2014, I want to make the mainstream audience my focus by exhibiting at Accessories the Show and the International Spa Conference.

Do you wear your pieces?

Yes! I love the rings and the niptyes. I’ve always loved the menswear trend, the fedoras, the suspenders, the pinstripes. I started with the bowties and neckties crossover and then just snowballed into 20 more product categories and here we are today.

See the full range of Entyece products here:

As well as here:

We are also running a contest. The winner will receive one Bottle Service Bowtie Entyece Necklace. Seduce your décolleté with this intoxicating sweet marabou bow necklace! Handcrafted satin bow with flirty black marabou. Black, lead-free chain measures 18″ in length. Clasp closure.

To enter, e-mail us your name Here by September 27th. Include “Bowtie contest”  as the subject.

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THE SEX FILES: Tara Christine Entyece-s You plus Win Product!