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Published On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2013

The 51st New York Film Festival: ‘Captain Phillips’ Press Showing and Press Conference 9/17/13

captain-phillips-posterTom Hanks told me that the difficult thing about making his new movie Captain Phillips was looking for the balance between “procedure and behavior.” Ok, he didn’t tell just me, the affable Oscar winner told a crowded-to-the-Lincoln-Center-rafters press crowd at the 51st New York Film Festival after a screening of his startling new film. With seventy five percent of this movie’s 60 shooting days shot on the 0pen water you can bet the filmmakers were trying damn hard to make sure their procedure and behavior perfectly replicated this harrowing true story that took place in 2009.

Though a lot of the onus of the film is on Hanks and newcomer Barkhad Abdi ,who was present at this press conference too, Paul Greengrass did remind us (he was at the press conference as well) that he was also proud of the fact that in the movie the audience does not “forget the crew in the events” as we get “a good sense of the crew moving together” through what can be seen as much as a story of Phillips and his Somali abductors as the crew of the boarded ship, the Navy crew in pursuit and the Navy Seals who race to put the situation into control before the life boat Phillips and his kidnappers are on make land…and an international incident.

“Acting is truth telling” as Greengrass said and with Hank’s amazing acting skills he makes you forget who he really is and has you experience the horrific ‘truth’ of this film…as does Abdi who is way too scary for words, though the quietest guy on the press conference stage this day.

Hanks told a great story about what I felt was probably the best scene of the movie, well after the action is over (I won’t spoil it for you) and how once again procedure and behavior came into play as real Navy personnel were used to actually act their everyday duties, again reaching for that truth Greengrass speaks of, and is all over this truly fantastic movie.

All I have to say is you need to get your buns out to see Captain Phillips when it opens on Oct.11th.

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The 51st New York Film Festival: ‘Captain Phillips’ Press Showing and Press Conference 9/17/13