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Published On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2013

THE SEX FILES: Exxxotica 2013 Part 1

eXXXotica1Once again the New Jersey Exxxotica Convention rolled through and into the Raritan Expo Center down in Edison, New Jersey. As your ever-intrepid reporter I was on hand, trickling in on Saturday, Oct. 5th, arguably the busiest day of the weekend (usually I report in on the opening Friday and spend the first few hours walking the convention space waiting for porn stars, toy makers and just about everybody else to set-up). So this year, though I did get there just at twelve when the doors opened, there were quite a few people on hand already.

Sorry I missed Friday night though, as a reported ‘incident’ occurred between Patricia Krentcil, N.J.’s infamous “Tanning Mom” (on hand to sign God knows what?) and porn legend Jenna Jameson. There was some brouhaha from Krentcil over her moving her signing table from Jameson who seemed to be sporting a much bigger line of autograph seekers-no surprise that!-where Krentcil was enraged enough to call Jameson a “whore” before moving away…damn, the things I miss!

But I took in the huge space, where dancers from the Sapphire club were already swinging on make-shift swings or dancing at single portable pole stations while music pumped from all over. The famous Raritan Bakery sported a booth where I availed myself of some coffee and a yummy cheese danish and as it had been last year, there were some hot sports cars parked around the inside parameter of the pink carpet. After ‘doing a lap’, seeing where everyone was, I first dropped by to say hi to Tanya Tate and grab a copy of her new DVD in her MILF Beauties series College Cuties Seduce.

I will feature an interview with the stunning blonde with a review of Tanya’s movie very soon.

Past the “Jesus Loves Porn” people, who slapped me with a sticker (they are nice enough young folks, fully aware of where they are at and having a good time approaching almost everyone they can catch walking past them) I came upon the Zolo Pocket Pool company. They have created an innovative male sexual aid/toy, one I will feature in a future column too, I promise. Suffice it to say they are furthering the Fleshlight approach to male masturbation items in a very unique way.

I then managed by the truly adorable ‘plumper’ porn star Karla Lane for a chat. With nearly 600 scenes behind her, the pretty brunette is as popular a star in the U.S. as she is in Europe. She’s been nominated for various movie awards, has appeared in magazines like Score and Gent and was singing at the Adult Trading Card Booth as well as promoting her Plumper Pass series (go here if you are so inclined.

Here’s what she had to say:

So, Exxxotica, so far so good?

Well, I just got in from L.A. this morning, but I’m really excited to be here…I’ve never been to the east coast, so I am looking forward to interacting with my fans, meeting people who love my work. Though this is what you get when I haven’t slept (she looked adorable and awake to me!)

I know you’re one of these Adult Trading Cards girls…

Yes, I’m the first BBW they’ve had. They’ve made me look really pretty.

…but what else is happening for you?

Well I have my “Plumper Pass” to see the scenes I am currently shooting, the trading cards and you can spin my wheel (Karla had a little wooden wheel on her podium promising various cute favors)

You mention that you’re the first BBW ATC has made a card of, do you see the BBW trend changing in general? Are things easier in porn now for a bigger girl?

Yes, it’s definitely better then it was a few years ago. Being a BBW is a lot more respected, it’s a lot more fun to be working now.

Anything else we should let your fans know?

I’m working on my website, there might be a radio show and maybe even something on T.V. with me in the future.

Lots happening, huh?

It’s a little overwhelming, but yeah it’s all good.

I left Karla just as a fan ambled up to her booth and spun past my old friend RubberDoll (find her here) She was pretty much full-up busy with people wanting to take a picture with her and I’m not sure if she had more or less then Jenna did but RubberDoll would never be as rude as the Tanning Mom.

So next week, some pictures from the floor. I talk to artist Fang Ling Lee, stroll around Club Spotlight and step into the Exxxotica dungeon for a spell.

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THE SEX FILES: Exxxotica 2013 Part 1