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Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

Blitzen Trapper: VII

blitzen trapperBlitzen Trapper
(Vagrant Records)

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Blitzen Trapper is country for people who think that they don’t really like country. While their music contains many elements particular to that genre—harmonica and banjo, for instance—it also draws in psychedelic and funk influences. The result is an album that’s deliriously catchy and relentlessly interesting.

Some of my favorite songs on VII are those that play off funky beats, such as “Feel the Chill” and “Thirsty Man,” the latter of which pits guitar and bass against one another to brilliant result. However, Blitzen Trapper also excels in the arena of experimentation. “Oregon Geography” is lo-fi, with the proverbial Portland rain providing interesting contrast against the hip-hop beat of the percussion. The following track, “Neck Tatts, Cadillacs,” also features delivery that borders on rap. But rock still remains the heart of VII, with “Heart Attack” sounding like a track that could have been made by the Steve Miller Band.

If you’re a fan of Southern rock or just want to try something different, definitely give Blitzen Trapper a listen. They’re weird but glorious, groovy and moving while remaining fun all the while.

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Blitzen Trapper: VII