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Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

THE SEX FILES: Bedroom Kandi by GailMarie

Helping HandSince the last time (2 years ago) when I did a piece on Kandi Burrus’ Bedroom Kandi line of adult toys, lots have happened at the company. You might recall their great ‘Hold On To Me’ Kegel set I wrote about as well as their super neato vibrators (see my piece here). Just recently I managed by their display at this year’s Exxxotica and found their rep ready, willing and able to talk me through a few of the company’s newer items. I figured it would be a great idea to not only look into what’s been happening with the Bedroom Kandi brand presently but maybe even try a new product or two…and I did-the “Helping Hand” male ‘pleasuring’ sleeve and their Strawberry Pomegranate lube-though I only tried them both with my hands.

And if you believe that I have the obligatory cheap swamp land in FL for sale! Specifically the Helping Hand is pretty interesting in that it not only provides quite the tight seal (my fingers were very happy) but you can fold the sleeve inside out for two different sensations, the ‘inside’ is a soft slick tube, the outside has equally soft but raised nubbins. Either way you use this decidedly male toy with the lube you do indeed get a helping hand. There’s even a smaller suction hole at the other end of the sleeve (the other where one places you-know-what) and by simply blocking that little hole at the end with the tip of one’s finger, or one’s partner’s finger, suction increases amazingly.

It’s a very ingenious extra to be sure.

All the Bedroom Kandi products are made with body safe silicon & ABS plastic with various warranties depending on what it is you’re buying. Their vibrators are whisper quiet and very powerful (exactly what one wants) and the brand promotes couple’s play even in those items perfectly created for solo explorations by guys and girls. Here’s more about Bedroom Kandi by GailMarie from Gail herself:

So tell us about the new stuff. You gave me the Helping Hand and the Strawberry Pomegranate lube (which also comes in Green Apple) what else is new?

We have the I’m Hooked,” a waterproof, battery-operated “G” Spot vibrator with 7 vibrations, the “Hip Hop,” a USB-rechargeable vibrator that’s splash proof, also featuring 7 vibrations (it’s got bunny ears to hug a woman’s clitoris…or to place on your cheek or under your chin for that extra buzz/vibration when giving oral pleasure) and the “Topsy Curvy,” another waterproof, battery-operated vibrator with 6 different patterns. Though “Topsy Curvy” is for her or him solo use, the other two are good for couple’s use too.

That’s a lot of new stuff…at least since the last time I checked-in with Bedroom Kandi.

Yes, plus “Bunny You’ll Love” a battery-operated, splash proof, rabbit style vibrator and our new 3 soft bondage pieces: “All Tied Up’, “Blinded by Love” and “Love Me Naughty”…and yes the lube and the “Helping Hand” you experienced.

I was thinking about the Helping Hand, how you have gotten into making male products now.

It was inevitable. Bedroom Kandi is forward thinking and continues to think out of the box.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about adult toys?

That people don’t need them. Bedroom Kandi toys are not meant to replace someone but enhance the intimacy.

Presently, what’s your most popular seller? 

It’s a tie between “Helping Hand,” “I’m Hooked” – “G” Spot vibrator and “Hip Hop.” But what a wonderful tie it is!

Have you seen changes in trends over the past few years, where say one item was very hot and it falls out of favor to be replaced by something else? 

People are looking for items that are comfortable and are versatile. Quieter vibrators, of high quality and uniqueness, affordability also ranks high in what people like. But generally vibrators are what people want alot of these days.

Tell us about your background, ‘What’s a nice girl doing in a place like this?’

I’m an individual who is passionate about living life and being happy. With that comes enjoyment in everything I do. This is my way of sharing great quality products to enhance intimacy and doing that with Bedroom Kandi makes me feel great.

How did you come to represent these products?

I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta and when Kandi mentioned that she was going to start a Home Network Boutique Party for her line, I jumped on board; I do Home Parties and am ever continuing to build a team of consultants.

And how can people get their hands on these goodies?

Anyone can go right on my website and place an order (there’s a flat fee for shipping).

The Bedroom Kandi by GailMarie website is and presently Gail is offering either an edible green apple or strawberry pomegranate lube free to the first person to place an order via The Sex Files. So get yourself over to Gail’s site now!

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THE SEX FILES: Bedroom Kandi by GailMarie