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Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2013

THE SEX FILES: A Talk With Tanya Tate

Tanya TateJust nominated for Best Female Performer in the UK-her country of birth-at the BABE TV Adult Film Awards, Liverpool native, star, director and performer of her own Club Filly Films and many others, multi-award winning blonde MILF bombshell Tanya Tate has pretty much become a force-to-be- reckoned-with in the adult film community. With films like Milf Masseuse and Tanya Tate’s Runaways (and the one I review and talk to her about below: College Cuties Seduce MILF Beauties), Tanya is every bit a personality in front of the camera as behind. She has had a Fleshlight made of her…um…well you know what, been honored with XBiz’s “MILF of the Year” award in 2013 and is also the owner and operator of the PR firm Star Factory PR, representing some of the hottest performers in porn.

College Cuties Seduce MILF Beauties is a romp of girl-on-girl excursions. It’s completely a-typical on so many levels I won’t spoil the fun for you (though I do allude to some scenes in the interview with Tanya below). The set-ups are light and quick, the action decidedly naughty and the women involved, younger and older alike, are truly delicious. Certainly with Tanya at the helm we’d expect nothing less than all of these factors to be present in this movie, as great casts getting into quick solid scenes of hot action is what the best porn delivers, still I can’t recommend “College Cuties” enough really.

I was thrilled to get some thoughts about the movie (and a whole lot more) from the lovely Tanya Tate in this interview below:

I assume it was you picking the specific ladies for the movie. What criteria did you use on who you wanted, what kind of cutie you were looking for…there really is such a nice wide variety of ‘types’ in this film.

Thank you for noticing that! I really do try and mix it up. I want to give viewers a variety when they watch a Tanya Tate movie. You have your MILFs and your young girls, but the assortment varies. I look for a wide range of personalities, but with the underlying rule that they have to legitimately enjoy being with women.

The two some of ‘stepmom and daughter’ was especially hot for me, skirting as they did a ‘bad-girl-gets-spanked-a-bit’ scenario. Was this something you all worked out before hand or something that just grew organically because of the set-up? And how do you know how far to go with something like that, how much spanking to get involved in as opposed to anything else?

The scenario is loosely scripted. But I do give the girls room to maneuver. I give just enough direction and really let them see where they can take things. I was a little apprehensive with this movie, because I usually have the more established performers, the MILFs, in a more dominant role, but for some of the scenes in this movie it was the younger girls who had to be the more dominant ones. Because they were newer performers, it could be tricky to pull off when they are in scenes with Lea Lexis and Veronica Avluv, but it worked out beautifully.

What I particularly liked was the idea of the younger women seducing the MILF. Can you speak to that idea a bit, as it is slightly different than the typical older woman seduces younger.

Yes, that was the whole genesis of the movie. I wanted to reverse the roles. I’m very used to being the one who is seducing younger girls, dominating them and ravishing their bodies. I thought it would be fun to go the other way and let the girls have a go. I had the cougars and MILF viewers in mind, and even husbands, who enjoy the thought of letting inhibitions fly and let a younger girl have their way with them. I’m sure it is a fantasy that some more mature women have.

I was watching the end threesome thinking, not only was it hot but how do you keep things moving along well for the camera when you have all those long limbs, firm breasts etc. rolling around in three times the action. How does one plan out a scene like that…or is it something you can’t plan too much?

That scene was awesome. It was hard not to be. When it comes to that we have a very loose guide of where we want to be, but leave it open to see where we want to go. I had a great camera man for the shoot who knew where to be to get the shots. There is some planning, there has to be, but it is free form as well.

What’s on the drawing board for you in the future?

I have two exciting new movies coming out. The first is Tanya Tate’s Cosplay Queen and Tied Up Teens. People have been literally begging me to do a cosplay movie so I thought I would finally give them what they want. It has a load of incredible girls in it, fantastic sets, and we’ll all be geeking out. I also have a sequel to Brit School Brats coming. That was filmed entirely in London, again using a UK cast. That will be coming out next year and is titled Rule Brit Tanya.

Tanya maintains two websites: connecting her fans to her hardcore content, and what she calls a “safe-for-work” website, where she shares her love of superheroes and all things ‘geeky’ that she mentioned above. The rest of her online links are here:

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THE SEX FILES: A Talk With Tanya Tate