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Published On: Thu, Dec 12th, 2013

LULAH’s New Body Product Line

lulahgroupIt’s official – dry skin season is officially upon us. Pre-Thanksgiving snowfall certainly does not instill confidence of peonies and orchids, but fortunately for the world of beauty, Thymes’ new LULAH serves up just the product we need to trust that spring will eventually come our way!

Comprised of five different scents reminiscent of springtime favorites (peony, magnolia fig, vanilla orchid, citron, and tamarind ginger), LULAH promoters promise a scent that is “complex yet accessible, imaginative yet wearable.”

Prices are reasonable: body wash ($11), body lotion ($13), body mist ($11), and hand cream ($9) shys away from the usual Thymes pricetag that generally falls about 150% higher.

The product is true to this word: the scent is refreshingly not overpowering, and while it may take a bit more effort to rub into the skin (though it should be noted that it is not sticky), the final finish is smooth and well-quenched.

And, as a bonus, the bottles are reminiscent of absolute luxury. Though we may have the whole winter season ahead of us, at least with LULAH our skin does not need to dread it!

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LULAH’s New Body Product Line