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Published On: Tue, Jan 28th, 2014

Black Light Dinner Party: Sons and Lovers

BLDPBlack Light Dinner Party
Sons and Lovers
(Decimal.One LLC)

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Sons and Lovers, the new album from Black Light Dinner Party, a New York-based group of four musicians, is electronic indie pop at its best. Fun, choppy rhythms, dance beats, and house jams inundate, making the album energetic and endearing. Impressively, the album is filler-free as each song is masterfully layered with lush synthesizers, bass, drums and wicked rhythms. Upbeat pop sonnets move like a happening house party where daylight and escape are nowhere near necessary. “Gone Postal” is decorated in an almost dancehall metallic rhythm that folds out stunningly vibrant. “Older Together” features a romp of bass and percussion against careening yet warmly seducing catchy pop vocals. “All Around Me” erupts into a romantic lovelorn affair. Sons and Lovers is captivating and that is what makes it so awe-inspiring. The soulful sonic beauty of the album moves like a night’s worth of pleasant party dreams.

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Black Light Dinner Party: Sons and Lovers