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Published On: Fri, Mar 28th, 2014

Com Truise: Wave 1

comCom Truise
Wave 1
(Ghostly International)

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With the signature run of synthesized melodies both futuristic and tonally packed with an ’80s chunky style, Wave 1, continues with classical Com Truise attributes. The release is loaded with beats that are never stale or cease to engage. Each track on the seven-song EP has a constant rhythmic vitality. Gleefully energetic, hyper-caffeinated keys skip quickly and melodically past on “Mind,” while breakbeats remain stuffy yet striking. On most tracks the synthesizers have very wicked minds of their own and that is what helps to make the album a winner. Most of Wave 1 is lush and just right for daydreaming. This synth-pop funk mastery has long been Com Truise’s weaponry. Bass-heavy beats align each track like nicely manicured lawns in a perfect suburbia that exists in illusion yet is still an idea to be desired. The trippy rhythmic stumble of “Wave 1” spreads over a nice warm guitar riff that dances in the background. Com Truise is musician Seth Haley, who packages his deliveries with perfect wonderment in a way that still continues to build worlds upon sonic worlds.

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Com Truise: Wave 1