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Published On: Mon, Apr 7th, 2014

Sam Roberts Band: Lo-Fantasy

SMBSam Roberts Band
(Paper Bag Records)

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Most Americans probably have not heard of Canadian musician Sam Roberts, but a friend from north of the border turned me on to his music more than ten years ago. I regrettably hadn’t kept up with his career, but Lo-Fantasy is proof that the years have been kind to him, making him an even greater musician.

In case you don’t have a helpful Canadian in your life to give you musical recommendations, allow me to expound on Roberts’ talents. Lo-Fantasy is rooted in rock with a soulful twist (think Kings of Leon before they fell in love with their own egos), but there’s a welcome infusion of groove and dance elements on many tracks. Lo-Fantasy is as dreamy as it is rocking, and that balance is a difficult one to accomplish with such grace. “We’re All in This Together” is catchy from its first notes, while “Human Heat” feels like Tom Petty decided to upstage The Strokes at the indie game. “Metal Skin” is unapologetically retro, while “Never Enough” has a timeless rock radio vibe.

Honestly, if you’re a fan of the type of rock that populated the radio a decade ago, you will probably find Roberts to be a fine performer. He has adapted his style by welcoming the electronic flourishes that are so popular these days, but deep down, it’s his love of melody and strong writing that keeps him a worthy player in the game.

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Sam Roberts Band: Lo-Fantasy