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Published On: Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

We Are Scientists: TV en Français

we are scientistsWe Are Scientists
TV en Français
(Dine Alone Music)

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We Are Scientists’ fifth studio LP is deceptively brief. You would be forgiven for thinking that the Brooklyn indie rockers strike with ten catchy songs and then slip away before they can overstay their welcome. In truth, this is We Are Scientists’ most nuanced album and best to date.

Previous albums have stuck to a closely honed genre, particularly with 2008’s Brain Thrust Mastery, but TV en Français borrows from different styles without feeling like a throwback. There’s still pure indie here with the snarky “What You Do Best” and the ironically-titled, speedy-riffed “Slow Down,” but there are some throwback vibes with the Cure-infused “Overreacting” and surf rock meets indie noise jam “Sprinkles.”

Perhaps what this album does best is not overplay the band’s hand. Though the band receives help from some friends, such as Tim Wheeler of Ash, this record feels like something that could be easily replicated live by the core three members. Even “Don’t Blow It,” which feels like the band’s most commercially viable song to date (in a good way), boils down to beautifully harmonized vocals and guitar that cuts to the heart. With this album, We Are Scientists have figured out how to balance their strengths with a bit of experimentation, and that makes for a much more consistent product.

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We Are Scientists: TV en Français