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Published On: Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

Godhead: The Shadow Realigned

The Shadow Realigned
(Warrior Records)

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A blurbing backing quickly gives way to high industrial drama with groovin’, heavy electric guitar and auto-tuned vocals from instrumentalist/vocalist Jason Miller on the opener “The Gift (Robotic Beehive Remix)” from his new Godhead release, The Shadow Realigned. This collection of 14 remixes (from an equal number of different producers) is the stuff of an industrial music dancer’s dream.

“Through The Cracks (Sweet Kill Remix)” is a commercial mover, with some great big drumming and Miller singing his heart out. “Hey You (Ginormous Remix)” has some Beach Boys-like harmony “ohhs” and “ahhs” over a shunky beat and running keys while drum machine and pitch-bending synths inform “Trapped In Your Lies (NeonGensis Remix).” I hear lots of Gary Numan on this tune especially, though Numan might be a few years too early an influence for Godhead, introduced to the world as they were by Marilyn Manson and having toured with him, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Rammstein etc.

We are definitely into a more Disturbed/Rammstein world with metallic and fast noise-makers “Inside Your World” (Dark Moon Remix)” and  “Goodbye (Khursor Remix).” You also just have to love a guy who tackles a dance industrial remix of Kiss’s “God Of Thunder.” Miller is at his heavy metal vocal best here.

What I feel lifts Godhead from lots of bleating/blurbing/heavy mixologists of this ilk (especially on a remixed album like The Shadow Realigned) is that Miller has a solid sense of commercial melodies and a damn great voice.

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Godhead: The Shadow Realigned