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Published On: Thu, May 8th, 2014

Philip B. Russian Amber Collection

Philip B. Russian Amber CollectionRussian Amber Imperial Shampoo
Inspired by the Romanov dynasty’s appreciation and discovery of amber oil, this modern product is not your typical wash-and-scrub fare. Instead, this shampoo resembles molasses in consistency, and about 20 bottles of molasses in price ($50 for 3 fluid ounces). This product was undoubtedly designed with royalty in mind, but perhaps it was also developed in consideration of the hair-damaged among us, as the results of having used it even just once absolutely justifies the price tag.

Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo
This incredibly lightweight formula is unlike other dry shampoos that tend to leave a dusty white residue, and has – time and time again – demonstrated an incredible oil-absorbing ability to allow those of us who do not wash our hair on a daily basis to get by as though we do. Like it’s colleagues, this product also costs a pretty penny ($28 per 2 fluid ounces). That said, for those seeking the optimal dry shampoo on the market, Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo just might be a worthy investment.

Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme
The finishing touch to this Philip B. Russian collection leaves hair smooth and soft, without the need for any additional potions or lotions to achieve the desirable results. And, as boasted by the product’s website, the results truly are visible after just one use. More conditioner-y in texture than the above-mentioned shampoo counterpart is shampoo-ey, in combination the results by any other shampoo/conditioner pair seem yet to be matched.

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Philip B. Russian Amber Collection