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Published On: Mon, May 19th, 2014

Skrillex: Recess

(OWSLA/Big Beat/Atlantic)

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The quintessential charm of Recess, the new release from Skrillex, takes the genre for which Sonny Moore is most popularly known and smashes it into shards of brilliance. The song “Coast Is Clear” is blessed with unforgettable and effervescent vocals provided by Chance The Rapper. The carnival flair of giddy keys glides over stiff drums and buzzed-out bass. Skrillex knows how to balance craftsmanship with sonic and emotive fun. “Fuck That” growls with the cinematic fortitude of a massively sized CGI’d monster while minions decorated as synthesizers and timid percussion cower below. The snarling synthesizers are caught between monstrosity and a dueling bass grind, which begs listener engagement. “Recess” has a nice hard rhythm with a playful chorus that rings out like an anthem that would move a crowd immediately to a dance floor. Recess only further extends Skrillex’s genius. Trippy rhythms like on “Dirty Vibe” or all-out colossal space battles like on “Try It Out” illustrate that Skrillex, who has at this juncture in his career won six Grammy Awards, continues to meticulously drive his own signature giant-sized sound that continues to tame and tease hungry masses.

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Skrillex: Recess