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Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

An In-Depth Look at Ditto Music’s Distribution Services

In years gone by making it big in the music industry involved hours of live performances, constantly knocking on the doors of record labels and weeks of touring. But there is now an alternative, and it comes in the form of digital music distribution on the Internet. If you have dreams of topping the charts, your destiny is now in your own hands. Ditto Music has streamlined the process of online music distribution, which makes the process of managing your own career cheaper and simpler than ever before.

What Can Ditto Music Do for You?

Ditto Music is an online music distribution specialist – helping independent recording artists to get their material onto popular music stores and streaming sites. If you want to make your latest compositions available to purchase on sites such as iTunes, Spotify and Rhapsody, the whole process is straightforward when you leave it to Ditto.

Imagine uploading your songs individually on more than 200 online music websites. The work involved could take you several days, and that could be time better spent on perfecting your craft. By signing up to a monthly subscription for just £2 per month, the experts at Ditto Music will make sure that your material is uploaded to all of the major streaming sites and online music stores.

Keep All of Your Royalties

One of the main disadvantages involved in tying yourself to a record label is the forfeiture of a percentage of your royalties. However, Ditto Music will ensure that you receive 100 percent of the money your material earns on the likes of Spotify and Last FM.

Start Your Own Record Label

Signing up with Ditto Music also allows you to stay in complete control of your music career. You can start your very own label, which allows you to have the final say on release dates, music videos, artistic choices and the general direction of your public persona.

How it Works

Put simply, Ditto Music looks after the distribution of your music, so you can concentrate on recording and perfecting your skills. All you need to do is sign up for the £2 per month distribution subscription and upload your work via a simple online interface. Ditto Music will then take care of the time-consuming task of distributing it to online stores and streaming services. And when people start to buy or stream your songs, Ditto will ensure that every penny of the royalties ends up in your pocket.

A lot of inexperienced artists don’t realise that songs need to be registered for consideration by the major music charts around the world. Ditto Music has a history of successfully registering independent artists in charts around the world, including 11 different top-40 acts in the UK alone. And the comprehensive range of promotional services available can help you to access some of the most influential and talented people in the music industry – giving your fledgling career an early shot in the arm.

Why Digital Music Distribution Could Be For You

Even the most flexible of professional record labels will retain a percentage of your royalties as payment for their services. And despite your best efforts, most labels will also demand a say in certain aspects of your career. The only way to stay in complete control is to distribute your material independently with the help of a service like Ditto Music.

From working with the music press to ensuring your entire catalogue of work is made available on the world’s major music stores and streaming sites, Ditto Music can help you to take charge of your own destiny. Spread the reach of your music and tap into the wealth of industry knowledge on offer, and your dreams of chart success could take a giant leap towards becoming reality.

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An In-Depth Look at Ditto Music’s Distribution Services