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Published On: Thu, Jun 26th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: “Sploshing” Around On SexSlapStickVideos

Sexy Slapstick videosI’ve always been a champion of a ‘to each his own as long as everybody is consenting’ philosophy when it comes to sex. The “Sploshing” fetish/kink/diversion falls well into this ethos and it’s offered up in full fun fare on Piemaster’s

I had the chance to speak to Piemaster about his site and all about what exactly sploshing is.

You describe your site as an adult fetish niche website and that the videos here are fun and erotic but never violent. But fetish’s like BDSM get a bad rap all the time, there is a tone of prejudice to non-vanilla sex in general. What’s the biggest prejudice or misconception you see leveled at what you do?

Well first of all, “Sploshing” is not BDSM & doesn’t involve using handcuffs, whips & chains. It may be a parody of it, but “wet & messy” is a separate fetish & niche with no association with BDSM and there shouldn’t be any misconception. In the way of the biggest prejudice, I feel some people have been conditioned that getting messy, especially women getting messy, is un-lady like and therefore not so very socially accepted.

As far as the liquids you will allow for the sploshing, what are the most popular…and why do you think they are?

Chocolate cake & brownie batter are popular & green slime or just color white cake batter in different colors. For food of course, whipped cream pies of all kinds make for great splatter coverage on the face and everywhere else.

Tell us about the models you hire, how you find them; is there a concentration of one place/state/country that you find them coming from.

Unfortunately I’ve been getting models once in a blue moon. I get some women saying that they are really interested in doing this kind of fetish and once I tell them what sploshing or “wet & messy” is all about, send them samples of my work, they do a 180 and I don’t hear back from them. I do have models that produce exclusive video content for my site and I do produce video shoots in a studio. So if I get a deadly serious model that wants to have a lot of fun by making a mess of herself for her enjoyment and for the people that want to see it, I’ll bring them on.

You’ve been doing this for a while. What changes have you seen as far as sploshing goes? Has there been any to the fetish?

Yes, I’ve been doing this since January of 1999 so that’s fifteen years now. The changes I see are more ladies are starting to open up to the idea of making a mess of themselves, but they still need a little nudge, a little “nudge to get them into the fudge.”

Can you list the absolute no’s for your site.

There’s no scat or peeing, everything else is open but are discussed with the model(s) to see if they are okay in getting messy in certain substances. More no’s of course…a model can’t be too vain, too shy, too modest, too prissy or have any body image hang-ups.

It seems the pie-a-model is a separate niche, is that safe to say.

No it’s not separate it’s like a campaign drive. The “pie a model” thing is something I started to raise funds to find fetish related models. There’s no eye protection over the face-it’s not true “pie in the face” if you do it that way-still like everything we do, the pie-a-model is safe and everything about it is explained in advance so that there’s no surprises.

How’d you get into all this?

Well, I like to see sexy women naked and I love “Three Stooges” style comedy, plus someone I knew loved to see women get messy. So I just put it all together.

In the end, you seem to be just presenting a harmless fetish to people who have a desire for it. Is that what sexy slapstick videos really is in a nut shell?

Yes, that’s it exactly. Everyone tastes are different; all I’m asking is to let me bring something different to the table to showcase to the masses. I can help make “pie in the face” slapstick comedy fun and interesting, with hot & sexy women.

Check-out Piemaster’s, their clips4sale URL: or this snippet of what they do

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THE SEX FILES: “Sploshing” Around On SexSlapStickVideos