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Published On: Fri, Jul 11th, 2014

The Lost Poets: Insubordia

lost poetsThe Lost Poets

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A nearly atonal acoustic guitar begins the very dark “Ode to K,” the opener of The Lost Poets’ new EP, Insubordia. The Swedish duo (David Rosengren on vocals and guitar, Petter Ossian Strömberg on drums and bass) offer up this five-song snippet.

Rosengren sports quite a distinctive voice, infusing the metallic-edged tight little first song with lots of personality. We get that same muted metallic-sounding acoustic on the stuttering backbeat-of-a-tune, “Lying Down” (at least during the song’s verses), when things get rumbling loud in the chorus, an unexpected change-up that truly gives you the creeps.

Rosengren is picking his acoustic sweetly with Strömberg adding some nice bass touches on “Die to Live,” which sounds very Bowie-ish. It might be Strömberg’s writing influence here (this is one of the two he co-wrote) that makes this a very poignant piece, complete with strings until mid-way. Even when we get the obligatory (and not needed) drumming, power chords and wailing vocal growling things are certainly more interesting here than in the previous tunes. We’re back to that scratchy guitar sound on the title track, but I like Strömberg’s weird drum beat and again Rosengren’s vocal is very spooky and effective. The quick and wonderful “Inside the Cage” ends the EP. It never gets loud, staying low-down with spooky talking vocals.

You can see the band’s video to “Ode To K” here.

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The Lost Poets: Insubordia