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Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Paul Williams: Songs About Girls

paul williamsPaul Williams
Songs About Girls

There’s lush production to the fantastic songwriting from semi-pro New Zealand rapper Paul Williams on this new seven-song EP.

“Georgia” is a big, beat-riffic, sweeping synth strings, tribal tom, neat, danceable tune with a singable big ABBA/Fun.-like chorus, backed by an over-driven piano. A tight, snapping drum machine, plinking keys, piano and hand claps are featured in the wild “Sam Bowie, as are some auto-tuned falsetto vocals. And here I thought the opening tune was wild; the second song is even crazier with a rap wagging from loud dance track to ballad. (Also, any song that uses the word “douche-bag” so artfully in its lyric gets my vote!)

A plinky, almost arcade game-sounding background informs the ’80s dance tune “More Like Drake,” featuring probably the strongest melody in this collection of good melodies and great vocals. Sweeping strings Basa Nova background sweep and sway under the rap of the weakest tune here, “Life Is OK.” There’s those drum machine toms under an auto-tuned vocal on “Sentinel Beach,” but the songs lift up in (dare I even say it) Mike Oldfield-like strong, pulsating, over-driven moments of full production.

Lilting, single-note plink keys flow into piano, backing the full range of a good, solid, vocal on the end of “I Think You’re Cool.” We’re into a full, low, running beat and pulsating chords as the song opens up briefly, then ends. It’s a nice way to conclude what is generally a very strong EP.

You can listen to the EP here.

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Paul Williams: Songs About Girls