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Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Bella French @ VIVID Cabaret, NYC 7/17/2014

I can speak with some experience about the wonderfulness that many of our U.S. cities hold
and even to some of their naughtiness. In San Francisco I managed to hit a few strip clubs (purely for research purposes, of course) and the infamous Kink Armory down in the Tenderloin district for two separate yet memorable nights. In New Orleans I saw some sights, believe me and I recall a hot fun time in Ann Arbor back when Reagan was president
but that’s a story for another time. My point is, there are many great cities in this country of ours, many great things to do in them (some not even naughty) but last night I was reminded why I love NYC so much. As Canadian porn star (and star of this week’s column) Bella French told me, when she visits New York City she loves just walking around, taking in the sights, and enjoying what The Big Apple has in store around every corner. How do I know this? Well I caught Bella at VIVID Cabaret NYC last night, at a wonderful meet-and-greet event. I have reported on the Vivid club on 37th street (61 W. 37th to be exact) for its opening (see here)  have given the multi-floored gentlemen’s cabaret a shout out plenty in THE SEX FILES (see here) and even made it on the air for this column and shortandsweetnyc during a brief Vivid Radio appearance I was privileged enough to attempt at the club (there is a broadcast booth for the Vivid Radio SiriusXM- SXM 791- channel at the club). As the sister to the fabulous Rick’s Cabaret NYC located just four blocks away (50 W 33rd St.), the array of world famous Vivid Adult Movie Stars and wildly sexy dancers sashaying through Vivid’s club is not to be believed. The comfortable and lush environs including the staff, led this night by Jose, one of Vivid Cabaret’s VIP hosts, is the friendliest and most accommodating club you’re likely to find. This really was a great place to meet busty beauty Bella French. Bella has been in New York City plenty before, though she lives in quite the vibrant city of Montreal. She told me she tries to ‘come down’ on a regular basis and beyond to just walk around our fair metropolis, this time she hit MOMA and the Museum of Sex. And from her pictures here you can see Bella is very well rounded indeed, in so many truly alluring ways. I caught up with the statuesque blonde at the tail end of the night that included a battle of paparazzi flashing, a TMZ taping, to name just a little of who she was talking to with her big beautiful smile. She couldn’t have been nicer, fresh-as-a-daisy and friendly when we talked. Beyond her physical beauty, I can see why this woman is a star. She exudes a warmth and unbridled enthusiasm for what she does, is so very intelligent and makes you feel so very important when you are talking to her. I saw her strike a killer pose with many of the club’s dancers against the 25 foot pole and she took her time with press and photographers all equally. What a classy classy lady indeed. (Check here out here.) Bella confessed a love for L.A. in the winter, having called friends in Canada when she was visiting L.A. and being ‘scolded’ for enjoying 70 degrees while they were freezing, so we might see her moving to L.A. sometime soon. But last night we were all damn lucky to have Bella French here in wonderful New York City at the equally wonderful VIVID Cabaret NYC.

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THE SEX FILES: Bella French @ VIVID Cabaret, NYC 7/17/2014