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Published On: Thu, Jul 31st, 2014

Dark Model: Dark Model

dark modelDark Model
Dark Model
(Model Electronic)

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Running-fast arpeggio strings open the first tune of Dark Models’ new, self-titled album. We soon get into a spacey back beat pounding of synths and drums as things truly take off on “Dance of Wrath (Ikari No Mai).” “Fate” features a plucky NIN-like backing with strings informing the tune and some “scratching.” Musician/producer Tatsuya Oe (known also as DJ Captain Funk) is behind all we hear here, and seeing as he has opened for Bowie and Kraftwork, collaborated with such a wide variety of artists like James Brown, Serge Gainsbourg, Chic, and Simon Le Bon, he has the beats and drama down for sure.

Big drums and dramatic piano move “Close to Infinity” until we get into some soaring synths added on top. There is the full bubbling orchestra under pretty piano (sounding very Pink Floyd-ish) on “Candle in the Desert.” There’s some war-like drama of strings and synth voice and again that bubbling synth (and stuttering) on “Ran (Resistance).” A single-string synth lead and koto-like plucking (which makes sense as Tatsuya Oe is indeed Japanese) are featured on the “Prayer for the New Moon.” The whole collection of 16 ends with a dubstep remix of “Oath.” This one I truly like; it’s got great piano, those arpeggio strings again, and a cool doubling-up drum machine beat…though it overstays its welcome probably a minute too long.

Dark Model is interesting stuff from an obviously talented guy.

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Dark Model: Dark Model