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Published On: Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: We talk with Angie Stevenson of Angie’s Wieners

THE SEX FILES: We talk with Angie Stevenson of Angie’s Wieners

‘The Biggest Wieners and the Hottest Buns!’ is Angie’s Wieners’ slogan…and it’s no lie. I spoke with Angie Stevenson, the brains (and bod) behind Angie’s Wieners, a moveable gourmet hot dog truck/feast/brand that this vivacious lady has been running since October. In that time she has seen a mention from Conan O’Brien, has parked and fed the masses at various music fest and bike rallies, catered well known T.V. shows and managed to shove her 12-inchers in lots of people’s mouths. The wonderfully bubbly super smart Angie appeared in more than 80 adult films as Angie Savage back in the day when she was working in ‘the biz’ but now Angie is working Angie’s Wieners full time and I caught up with her during one of her busy days helming the enterprise.

It’s been quite a ‘ride’ for you in the past few months, getting the truck up and running, seeing the Angie Weiner brand into existence, but you were saying that you actually had this idea for a while, right?

Yes, I actually thought of the Angie’s Wiener’s plan years ago, where it came from the funny little name. After I got out of the adult industry I was the poster girl for Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon, began doing promotions for them and also for Easyriders magazine…I had an article in Easyriders magazine as the topless tech. I’d work on my Harley and my top would just pop off (she laughs). So I started going to and getting recognized at biker events, I loved the scene.

But at the events I noticed lines wrapped around the food vendors. So I thought… how can I combine the two: sexy promo models with food? I mean in the adult industry sex is always fun, I only ever had a good time when I was working adult, I thought why not make something funny and entertaining, not so serious, but still sexy. The idea, just the word ‘wiener’ makes people giggle, old ladies giggle when they come up to the truck and say “give me a wiener” so I just put it all together.

And since then you have been really getting the name and your wieners into people’s mouths.

Yes, definitely, who doesn’t like a good 12-inch wiener?! So far we’ve been all over L.A., at private parties, frats, T.V, shows. We’ve catered shows like Glee, Mad Men, and Sons of Anarchy. We just had a major placement in a big budget mainstream film that I am so excited about…but can’t reveal to you just yet.

You actually acted on Son’s of Anarchy right? What was that like?

Yes, last season. What a great cast and crew, so very professional. I am in awe of Katey Sagal. What a beautiful classy lady. It was a great tight little unit of real professionals.

So post porn you did and do keep up the acting?

Yes. When I got out of adult it had run its course in my life. I had always been in the ‘soft core’ end of it anyway. Frankly, I wanted a better life for myself and I wanted to be proud of the life I am living.

On the mainstream side I had a small part in a horror film The Family that was being shot in New York, but when I got back to L.A. the two directors decided to write me in as a female lead, so I got to go back out, film some more; I was so proud they thought enough of me to have me do that. Then I had a part in another mainstream movie, Syfy’s Piranhaconda…

That’s a Roger Corman movie, I love him!

Yes, he is so brilliant and funny, a totally unique genius. So there I met Forest King who was the money man on that picture, I told him my idea, how I was going to make us millions with my wieners and he invested to get Angie’s Wieners at biker rallies and start the business.

Do you park the truck in any one specific spot in L.A.?

We move around day and night, from Venice, to ‘The Valley’ to Long Beach. I do a lot of booking myself, in fact it’s only just recently that I am not in the truck every day….believe me, all those hours in a hot truck, cooking dogs is hard work! But I look up music events, we have a truck booker in the business who knows lots of food truck association spots, we are actually booked now until September. We have five wiener babes (see them here) in cute Hooter-esque outfits and I will go out to those occasions where I am specifically requested.

And the dogs are actually your own specifically made blend of meat?

Yes, they are, made from my special recipe. I hope to eventually sell them in supermarkets and online. But we also have chicken dogs, vegetarian, Polish dogs, plus tater tots, fries, drinks, even desserts.

And there are T-shirts, franchises coming, all of that?

Oh yes, we have shirts with fun slogans on them, I’m constantly writing new ones down all the time. And yes, eventually I want to sell the franchises as well as open a restaurant.

Find Angie’s Wiener’s here:

Angie’s Weiners instagram/angieswieners

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THE SEX FILES: We talk with Angie Stevenson of Angie’s Wieners