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Published On: Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

The Sex Files: Groupies: The Music From Behind

Phil Varone GroupiesYes, Phil Varone is at it again (I interviewed him here for the first time.) The intrepid filmmaker has once again managed a hotter-than-hot real sex romp in his latest Groupies: The Music From Behind.

This one features Phil on tour with his band playing drums (he came to fame as the drummer for Siagon Kick) and we get to actually see what happens with those infamous groupies we all here so much about. The movie begins with a mock “Behind the Music” opening, with super twisted fun stuff about Phil hitting rock bottom (the fake exposé finds a blow-up doll dead in his bathroom) and then we go straight into backstage girl-on-girl fondling, lots of oral (the girls on Phil) and plenty of hotel room humping from both Phil’s mini handheld (very close-up stuff indeed) to shots from a third party (a 2nd girl) holding a camera on the action before she gets involved herself. This is hardcore stuff with Phil starring throughout. I had occasion to ask him a few questions about his latest opus.

How many different groupies are you hooking-up with in this movie?

The amount varies, but generally 3 – 4 is what I like to shoot .

There’s no other guys involved here, this is all just you and the girls (you lucky bugger!)

Yes, it’s just me. My band was out doing shows and that’s how the idea to do the series came to be. For now it’s just me, but later down the road we may explore shooting comedians and other rock stars.

Did any of these ‘encounters’ surprise you…good or bad?

They were all great ! In “Groupies 2” coming out in December, I run into a beautiful black girl who is 19 and as naughty as it comes and also the super hot Kendra Lynn who is 20 and even naughtier. Sometimes it’s just good to be me. Ha!

How does one pick from all the hook-ups, the best ones to include in a movie? Or did you happen to get them all in?

I just let things happen. What the viewer sees is how it actually unfolds. I have a wing woman in a couple of them that goes out recruiting. But I like to keep it real and spontaneous.

And keeping it real Varone does. As he told me on another occasion, when he makes these movies (Phil is best known for a swingers’ series he makes for Vivid) he wants to present action that viewers never fast forward through and always shake their heads over, saying: “Did you see that?!”

Varone’s experience with the very real sex he gets on film in these swinger films make him very well suited for this kind of naughtiness, which is basically him humping groupies and filming it with two cameras; gritty, very naughty and very real. The reaction especially on his last conquest’s face, she lying face down on her bed with Phil atop her filming her facial reactions as she looks back over her shoulder at him is some of the truly wildest porn I have seen in a very long time. Phil being able to cut back to another camera filming from further away, in fact getting him humping as much as filming, is priceless stuff.

The man knows how to make a dirty movie and is the company to do it for. You can find Groupies: The Music From Behind at

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The Sex Files: Groupies: The Music From Behind