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Published On: Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

The Samuel Jackson Five: Seasons In the Hum

samuel jackson fiveThe Samuel Jackson Five
Seasons In the Hum
Navalorama Records

Once fuzzed strands of guitar bend against an inviting drum palette and a lively blend of an uproariously fun Celtic-kissed rhythm, the hypnotic allure of the track “Last Days of Disco in Etnedal” becomes instantly heady. Plush plumes of guitar-based tracks suddenly become mystified and are immediately inundated with shadowy figures of keys, drums, bass and an unforgettable tapestry of instrumentation. The rhythms and magnetic energies take over aural senses effortlessly.

The Samuel Jackson Five hail from Oslo, Norway and this is their third album. The new album, Seasons In the Hum, has been fairly labeled as math rock. The warm acoustics of mandolins, a Theremin and lap steel guitars add touches of brilliance. The cerebral, murky unfurling of drum and the softened numinous madness on “Coalesce” signify something boundless, furtive and free. As each song tends to range in style and tempo, the emotive structure and layering feel as infectious as a summer flu. From the rambunctious bass-driven groove of “Third Ear Listening Exercise” to the soft inviting echoes on “Mount Whateverest” closing meditative eyes against the album while listening will feel like wandering into a utopia.

You can stream four songs from the album here.

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The Samuel Jackson Five: Seasons In the Hum