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Published On: Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Dita Von Teese “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!”@ Gramercy Theatre, NYC 9/17/2014

Dita Von TeeseIt’s rare you get to see a true legend work. I had the occasion to do so Wednesday night at the Gramercy Theatre seeing Dita Von Teese in the very last leg of her “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!”

The rumor on the street is that this is not only Dita’s last run of shows for this tour but the last time she will be performing burlesque. It was a pricey ticket to be sure, but the sold out crowd was enthusiastic, just the NYC audience of mixed genders and sexual predilections you need at a show like this and that will come out in droves for this kind of entertainment…and respond so very over the top.

Dita was featured in four pieces, the bookends of each of the two acts. First, she came to the front of the stage mock singing (and slowly stripping) with a custom made Swarovski Martini Glass behind her, the “ultimate, most decadent, and dazzling martini glass ever.” Wearing a tuxedo by Alexis Mabille, Dita was down to her custom-made corset by Mr. Pearl, then after stripping this off to panties and G-string, she got up into the glass, frolicking in water held by this cocktail glass bedazzled with over 250,000 Swarovski crystals.

She came out again, ending the first set, as a glittering Rhinestone Cowgirl (in full pink Swarovski this time) getting up on a mechanical bull for a sexy gyrating ride when she was almost completely stripped down and began the second act in her Bird Cage set, something she just added back into the show. This one I took to especially as it included a shower overhead that drenched Dita at the end of her stripping, making her long black hair shine and luster, a great effect considering her flawless alabaster skin.

In the midst of all this we had Brooklyn’s own Murray Hill, MC extraordinaire/comedian. The slightly round moustache-d guy was a hoot, self-effacing and improvising his way keeping the show moving (a show like this can die a death if the MC isn’t on his game.) Murray was the unsung hero here, and it was almost as if you wanted to see him as much or more than all the naked flesh.

I took very much to each and every one of Dita’s guest burlesque dancers…actually even more than I did the lady herself. Dita is a unique pro to be sure, but her cool demeanor, aloofness, the attitude that has brought her accolades, fame and a place of honor in all that she does doesn’t come across as warmly as that of other bawdy fun performers…like those she had with her this night.  NYC’s own legend big-busted Dirty Martini taught us all about the science of tassel flight, Catherine D’lish spread high atop a spider web, Perle Noire had her hip thrusts and Josephine Baker banana tutu, Monsieur Romeo in his panties (but lanky, well hung and manicured) and Lada Nikolska brought Paris with her.

The end of the show, probably Dita’s best piece, was a recreation of classic Dragon Lady allure. Dita was languidly spread in the set piece then, slowly emerged a blood red head-to-toe Swarovski red crystal Cheongsam outfit. By the end she was standing in the Opium Den’s back drapery being groped by hands jutting through from behind her.

So we can all say we now had occasion to not only see burlesque live but Dita Von Teese herself performing it…helped by some very talented friends.

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THE SEX FILES: Dita Von Teese “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!”@ Gramercy Theatre, NYC 9/17/2014