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Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Maps to the Stars

Maps to the StarsI donā€™t have many occasions to review films (other then straight ahead porn movies) for THE SEX FILES. I like to take full advantage when I catch something provocative, sexy and downright weird from the mainstream world, as I was supposed to do yesterday at the NYC FILM FESTIVAL showing of Maps to the Stars.

Iā€™ve been honored to attend the festival for us now three years running and there is lots presented, press and paying audience alike. If you get a chance check-out the Festivalā€™s website hereĀ and get over to see some truly neato ā€˜Main Slateā€™ premiers, documentaries and revivals, as sparkling cool this year as any other.

Well, now I am convinced more than ever before that David Cronenberg, director of this little opus called Maps to the StarsĀ might just be a nihilist. His films before have hinted at society gone wacky and the man does love his violence, but here, wellā€¦

Not that John Cusack, the stunning Julianne Moore (stunning in looks as well as acting) Mia WasikowskaĀ Ā  donā€™t give stand-out performancesā€¦they do. Itā€™s just that this ā€œblack satireā€ as it is being touted, screams from its every celluloid pore ā€œWhy the hell was I made?ā€ I include a review of this movie here for my weekā€™s naughty tidbits column because the story (penned by Bruce Wagner) is centered around a couple of acts of taboo sex that lead to a nightmare chain reaction coming to the fore as the center of this yarnā€™s action. The implication is interesting to say the least, and Iā€™m not sure I have ever actually seen a movie that expounds on the ramification of what might happen down the line when something like this naughty and an untoward event occurs, so for that I give David CronenbergĀ and Bruce WagnerĀ  props, but the execution simply is off.

I canā€™t say the audience around me wasnā€™t laughing at broadside Hollywood commentary, and it’s notĀ that the violence didnā€™t jolt you out of your chair, but in the end I found myself askingā€¦who cares? I just hate a movie that wastes my time (not that my time is so very valuable). I donā€™t mind walking out after seeing a film and hating it (though Iā€™d rather love it) at least that means what I just saw had enough of an effect to have some effect on me. But sitting in a movie and walking out after feeling that flaccid penis brain reaction is the worst. With Maps to theĀ Stars I felt very much as I did leaving Lars Von Triersā€™ Nymphomaniac movies (see here for thatĀ review) supposedly so sexy and controversial, but in the end neither! I know sexy and satire are in the eye of the beholder, but Maps to the Stars had nothing much to hold me with.

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THE SEX FILES: Maps to the Stars