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Published On: Tue, Sep 30th, 2014

Leonino: Naked Tunes

Naked Tunes
(Hueso Records)

Leonino (aka Jorge González) is a world artist of note. His new, 10-song release, Naked Tunes, presents his singular, unique vision, voice and style. The album takes you from the opener, “I Think We Should Be Friends,” with its cool beat, breathy but well-placed backing vocals and swaying acoustic, to “My Time Is Gonna Come,” a plaintive piano mover showcasing Leonino’s Leo Sayer-like vocals (and snapping percussion) to the straight bass drum behind low “ohhh” vocal chanting and electric guitar touches. Later, there’s acoustic on “Not a Sound,” a song that truly showcases Leonino’s ethnicity and cutting vocals. He actually sounds a bit like John Lennon here. This is a great tune with strong lyrics and layered production of soundscape and effects.

“How Many Times Did You Save My Soul” sees that snapping percussion, a good gospel piano backing vocal bed. “After the Big War” features a sweet, high vocal and simple acoustic plucking (with squeak) and soft bass. “Down By the River” features keys and low strut snare drum programming and “There Is a Light” is an almost vocal-only ender. It’s very pretty with an almost Bee Gees-like harmony.

Naked Tunes is quite the gem really, from an artist who continues to make his mark on the world music stage.

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Leonino: Naked Tunes