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Published On: Thu, Oct 2nd, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Are You Good2Go?

GoodtoGoA new Android and iOS app called Good2Go has been created to battle the ‘does she/does she not want to’ question of sexual consent (though it’s pretty much all skewed from the get go I feel with this app’s creators assuming all this has to be about hetero sex where men are the pursuer…but that might be a debate for another time.) Created by Santon Technologies, the app’s goal-and a truly important one I do feel-is to prevent/reduce “sexual assault,” “miscommunication,” and “regretted activities.” But when you get into woefully subjective terms like “miscommunication,” and “regretted activities,” um, I kind of balk a bit. Besides, does a regret constitute a rape equal to a “Maybe I had one too many and would have not normally let you spank me with the ping pong paddle and only your hand?” There’s a lot of gray area here I feel that an almighty app might not be able to navigate; I know we have come to rely on the little buggers, but not every new idea that uses them is a winner, right?

How it all works is: one signs-up for the app with their name and phone number, and when one finds a partner they want to sleep with one opens the app and hands the intended female (or male, but once again the literature puts the onus on the straight guy here) one’s phone, which asks if the lady in question is, in the words of Jersey Shore studs and meatballs, “DTF” with 3 options that read:  No, Thanks/Yes, but … we need to talk, or I’m Good2Go. If this potential female sex partner does indeed choose the third option, then a new set of questions pop-up, asking said potential female sex partner to rank her level of sobriety; choices ranging from Sober to Pretty Wasted. If the lady does indeed indicate she is drunk (or damn near close to it) the app warns that she  “cannot consent.”

The couple is thus denied permission for sex…by an app!

The app assumes that being drunk is the only hindrance to non-consensual sex. How about being tied-up in a van, or finding oneself in a room with a small group of people one does not know, all of whom have sexual assault of your person on their mind? Talk about “sexual assault,” “miscommunication,” and “regretted activities.”

The most harmless application of the Good2Go app is how a nice canoodling date conversation might stutter to a grinding boner-shrinker/vagina Sahara-ing when a nice guy opens this app during a date. I can just see it now, two people are trying their best to actually ‘conversate’ (sorry I am all Jersey Shore up in this bitch today after mentioning them before so I feel I have to use words like ‘conversate’) staying off their phones for a few minutes, when one of them feels honor bound to pick up their iPhone and say “Will you have a look at this app please?” Then again, even if one is not even buzzed and says yes, they might not be saying yes to all acts-shouldn’t the app list these and said lady can check-off those sexual acts she might want for the night, while indicating those she does not?-and really, how many times have you set yourself a goal for that which you will and will not pass on a first date (2nd or 3rd) only to find that the guy or girl you’re with is just so ducky you can’t resist doing it all at once?

Once again we are letting technology get in the way of something that usually is kind of fun… the normal progression of seduction. And do we really think that a little warning from an app is going to prevent  “sexual assault,” “miscommunication,” and “regretted activities?” It would be nice if it did but I doubt it will. If that guy or girl wants to get you in their van and you have not been educated on the too often and too sad likelihood of these kinds of assaults happening I dare say you should have lots more on your mind than downloading or using an app.

What say you? Simple solution or am I way off base and the G2G will protect women now from here on out? Let’s hear your opinion, right here.

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THE SEX FILES: Are You Good2Go?