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Published On: Mon, Oct 6th, 2014

Crane Humidifiers Are Simply the Best

Crane HumidifierThis year, my allergies were the worst they’ve ever been. The symptom that had me down most of all was the nasal congestion, which ended up causing coughing, interrupted sleep, headaches, and even acne!

My doctor suggested getting a humidifier for my bedroom and I was hesitant. Growing up I had one, but it was so noisy! (Not to mention ugly!)

Then one day a friend suggested that I check out Crane’s line of humidifiers and I am so glad I did. Aside from being super quiet, they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at.

I selected the Drop humidifier and I must say, it looks quite pretty in my room, coming in a range of colors including: blue, lime green, orange, and pink.

It’s very easy to set up as well. The first night, I was afraid of the machine running out of water but luckily, it shuts off automatically and a red indicator light turns on.

I couldn’t be happier with my Crane humidifier. My allergies no longer bother me and my skin looks so much healthier since I’ve started using it. Upkeep is fairly easy. Simply discard used water daily and disinfect once a week.

If you’re interested in trying out one for yourself, check out Crane’s official website here.

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Crane Humidifiers Are Simply the Best