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Published On: Thu, Oct 16th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: We Speak to Ash Hollywood of Vivid Radio

Photo courtesy of Vivid Radio ( is replete with sexy porn star ladies and personalities. They can be heard on the  SiriusXM app and channel 791 and at the link above. I was lucky enough to get to know one of these ladies, Ash Hollywood, a petite bundle of sexy energy and good humor. She gave me the run down about what she does on her Vivid show Tap That Ash, a sneak peak into the adult business she has been in now for four years (Ash has appeared in such movies as The Real Porn stars of Chatsworth, Slut Puppies 6, and the documentary Aroused), and talks on what it is like to be an ‘Ashaholic’ and about her podcast show of the same name. Is there any subject taboo on your Vivid Radio show Tap That Ash? Well, there are specific subjects we are not allowed to talk about on Sirius XM such as incest, bestiality, or anything having to do with scat. Since those subjects aren’t particularly sexy to my listeners, I of course follow the station rules. Otherwise, we do talk a lot about femdom scenarios, bdsm, small penis humiliation, and so on. Those would seem pretty taboo to the general public. What’s the most surprising call-in you have yet had to deal with…or are there new surprises pretty much everyday? Haha! Well this business has a way of introducing me to so much that nothing really surprises me anymore. I know everyone’s dirty little secrets. What has surprised me is how many callers I get when I’m talking about a dick subject. Men love to discuss their little soldier. Being a shorter lady-I read in an interview where you were having fun talking abut ‘spinner’ possibilities-when it comes to filming scenes, are there any disadvantages in being the height you are? Sometimes. I’m a whopping 5’1″ which usually surprises people when they meet me. The only time it’s ever been difficult to be short is when I’m paired with a much taller girl like Phoenix Marie. It almost has this Amazon effect. I also read you are a lover of French films. With Halloween right around the corner do you take out a copy of “Diabolique” and give it a look? Do you have any specific fun stuff you do for the fall holidays…Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc?  The holiday season is my favorite! I love dressing up on Halloween, and since I’m a foodie, Thanksgiving is right up my alley. Additionally, Christmas is always family time for me and I’m very family oriented. I celebrate Halloween for almost a week because I love dressing up so much. On Thanksgiving I usually hold an event with my friends where we all bring a dish and pig out. I’m an avid snowboarder so December always holds some great snow trips for me before I jet off to see the family. As for that french film, I’m adding it to my must watch list! Thanks for the suggestion. How was your experience working on Aroused? Do you have the desire to get into the mainstream side of things as some other adult stars have? I never meant to cross into porn. I started out as an amateur mainstream model and kind of dropped my moral compass along the way. I still take on non porn jobs because I have a passion for acting. Look for more stuff popping up soon;  I’ve got some great secrets in motion. As for Aroused, Deb Anderson is one of the most talented and beautiful women I’ve ever met. I was so happy to be a part of her project, not only for its aesthetic value, but also because of the type of documentary it was. She went beyond the sex symbol in each girl and really got to know the real us. It was endearing to me that she dug so deep for something I may have otherwise temporarily burried. What’s coming in the future for you beyond keeping the Vivid show going? Like I mentioned previously, expect to see more of me in the mainstream world. Ash Hollywood is slowly creating an empire and the brand is expanding in many ways. Tap That Ash will continue as I love talking to and getting to know my fans. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my loyal and amazing Ashaholics! How does Tap That Ash differ from Ashaholics in its content? Tap That Ash is a little more personal. It has the right amount of raunch but still remains sexy and fun. Ashaholics was my podcast I began first and the fans loved it. I was no longer being interviewed and asked the same 10 questions but now I was doing the interviews! Both shows show a little more of my personality beyond sex scenes and regular interviews. For more info on Ash Hollywood, visit her website:

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THE SEX FILES: We Speak to Ash Hollywood of Vivid Radio