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Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Happy Halloween 2014

Ricks Cabaret picI didn’t want to get mired in an interview this week or all that much heavy news. This is Halloween week (also my birthday week…today actually, as this column hits). So I simply wanted to give you a few tasty tidbits and wish you all a happy all-Hallows, and safe partying.

This often proves to be a holiday for some sexy fun. One can dress in a short witch dress, ‘school girl’ crop top, the highest high heels…a whole bunch of stuff we wouldn’t normally wear (and God knows there’s some sexy stuff that women can get into as well). I am sure you have seen or have heard of some wild costumes people are planning, some naughty, some nice, some even tasteless…but it’s all supposed to be in good fun. So have at it. Hit a haunt like NYC’s own Blood Manor if you want a good scare, walk around with neighborhood kids, trick or treat all weekend if you like.

Let your inhibitions free with no guilt and lots of sweets.

As far as some tidbit news…

NYC’s Rick’s Cabaret, that upscale gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan (see a picture from the party up top) celebrated its 9th Anniversary with a non-stop party attended by VIPs, dignitaries, and pro athletes.

“The newly designed 2nd floor VIP Balcony was packed with sports stars,” purred Rick’s Cabaret Girl Emma.”I danced for a famous basketball player, but I am not allowed to name names. We respect everyone’s privacy,”

‘Ronnie the Limo Driver’ from The Howard Stern Show was the special guest host.

CineKink is once again rolling through. The “kinky film festival” is right now seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate a wide diversity of sexuality, for inclusion at its annual NYC-based event and subsequent screening tour. “People tend to get fixated on the ‘kink’ part of our name. But basically, as long as a project involves consenting adults, just about anything that celebrates sex as a right of self expression is fair game,” says Lisa Vandever, CineKink co-founder and director. “If you think your work might make sense in this context, please submit it for us to take a look.”
Submission categories for CineKink include:
* shorts (less than 40 minutes long; eligible for jury-determined awards)
* features (longer than 40 minutes; eligible for audience-choice awards)
* adult cinema/porn scenes and excerpts (5-25 minute scenes or segments of longer works; eligible for ‘Bring It!’ competition)
There is no restriction on production completion dates, as long as the work is sufficiently complete at the time of submission. International submissions in most overseas formats are also accepted. Discounted, early-bird entries must be postmarked by October 17th, while the regular deadline is November 15th. The final festival deadline is December 5th.
For more information and details on submitting, visit:

Did you happen to see it as it happened or have you heard that Shoshana Roberts strolled New York City streets for 10 hours amassing over 108 catcalls. Roberts and boyfriend Rob Bliss (who secretly filmed the trek) were part of a “social experiment” with the group Hollaback, creating a PSA video. See all info here:

And lastly…

Across the world a bit from us here in NYC and LA…

The artist behind the 78-foot inflatable green butt plug ‘sculpture, Paul McCarthy, calls his new piece standing in the middle of the Place Vendome a ‘tree.’ But McCarthy, famous for creating inflatable poo piles as well as a sculpture of old Saint Nick holding a dildo is not getting away with his tree/butt plug. He has already been physically attacked and the conservative “French Spring” group is up in arms. The inflatable sculpture, installed as part of the Contemporary Art Fair, will be ‘un-plugged’ in a month.

So happy 31st my friends. Save the good candy for me.

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THE SEX FILES: Happy Halloween 2014